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Rare Prodigy tracks for download :)

Started by Arie, July 03, 2003, 01:42:31 PM

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evans re opened the thread on 28.02.04 not me,

u must have trouble reading. because u didnt see the copywrite notice on the prodigy cd either.

maby you should invest in a pair of glassed or get your eyes checked.  :P



There wasn't a reply in this thread for four months and you re-opened it. So, did you download the new album? ;p


like i said evens reopend the thread again look at the dates idiot

also you were posting after a gap of months hence reopening the thread before i did.

once again u are proven wrong.

damn im good ;D


Quotelike i said evens reopend the thread again look at the dates idiot
It took Evans two and a half months to reply thus re-opening the thread (back then). Lassa and myself replied to his posting shortly after. It then took you four months to reply to Lassa and myself, thus you are the last person to have re-opened it.

Quotealso you were posting after a gap of months hence reopening the thread before i did.
I read back a few pages and cannot find what you are talking about. You re-opened the thread again after four months of silence. Please proof the quote above.

Quoteonce again u are proven wrong.

damn im good ;D
I have just proven that you were the last person to re-open this thread after a four month period. You are unfortunately wrong.

And you still have not answered my question if you have downloaded the new album... ;p


Quotewell i only annoy people wjho rip off the prodigy
Arie is the last man to rip off the prodigy..
He hosted, as far as i know, only unreleased stuff. That's no crime.


Looks like this thread will become endless... ;p ;)


Juge could close the topic, but i'm sure ''someone'' would be stupid enough to start a new one :-/





Shame that you can't even reply properly. Lets end this thread.


yes let it end, with i the victor and u as always the loser


You know, this isn't even worth a reply, but of course I couldn't resist. You are a very, very sad person. You have been proven wrong a few postings above and you don't even have the heart replying. Making false statements, no arguements to support your claims. You are a little ignorant child. So very sad. On the otherside, you made me laugh a lot though ;)


This has to be the most entertainning, but at the same time pointless topic I've ever read!

flightcrank/zion/Mr w-3o, you're just pathetic. People like you don't even make me angry. I pity you man, seriously! Throughout this thread you had no solid argument whatsoever. I feel really bad for you trying to ruin other people's lives.

The thing that made me laugh the most though was when you said that arie is ripping the prodigy off. Have you even seen his collection?! I wouldn't be surprised if 5% off all the money the prodigy made was due to arie's contribution! I mean, if he's ripping them off, who doesn't!?  :D

Arie, you should have simply ignored him from the beginning. The kid has some mental issues, it's evident!'s a sad, sad world we live in...


Lol, i have to agree. This is one of the most remarkable threads i've ever seen.  ;)

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