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Death of the prodigy dancers

Started by fj, November 06, 2001, 05:38:07 AM

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Yep, they often say lots of things that do not come true later on... ;-)

Maybe 3 of those 5 tracks he wrote back then were just the new tunes they played at the recent concerts.
You're right about the period, it's not that long.
But let's say they bring out the record in Autumn '02, they still wrote 1 1+2 years on it. Plus some tracks already written in '98. Quite a long time, if you ask me. Compared to the older records of course.

Aw, all those speculations...
We need facts!
Tradition IS a tradition



I got another version of Death of THe Prodigy Dancers, it's on a bootleg called Music for the Voodoo crew.  At the end of a set recorded in '92.


Yep, I got that one too. Dont know if its from The Music For The Voodoo crew... I'll have to check up on that.


About Liam writing the early tunes fast:  As for the first album, I agree. Although great, The tunes does sound kind of similar in construction, sound and shape. Also, the bpm is at 140-145 on about every track on Experience. Liam had a specific formula on how to write a song, and he got very fast at it, thus releasing an album and a bunch of singles within a year of their breakthrough. And don't forget, the band was touring heavily at the same time!

As for 'Jilted', I just don't understand. They were STILL touring heavily around 1993-94, as well as doing a BUNCH of Remixes. How on earth could Liam find the time to write such a vast amount of INCREDIBLE tracks, which to my ears are *very* varied in sound, tempo, structure and even genre.. That has got to be the clearest example of God-given inspiration ever! Just think about the fact that tracks like 'We eat Rhythm', the amazing mix of 'One Love' and their heaviest song ever, 'Rhythm of Life', didn't fit on the album. Any other dance/club artist would have killed for any of these tracks, but on Jilted, they did not even fit as album fillers as there was already 78 minutes of even better music on there.

Without a doubt, this was the Prodigy at their finest hour...

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