Started by antz, January 10, 2002, 11:44:40 PM

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Okay so we all know Liams neighbour Simone provided some vocals for "Music Reach" "Ruff In The Jungle" & "Rip Up The Sound System" right? What I was wanting to know is, Is that her on "Android"??

Someone please answer, this has been bugging me allday! :)



I have no idea whatsoever, sorry mate.


Cheers anyway Arie, it looks like no one can help me on this one!


yeah... It's good question. Now hear dis!
Her's a little story I got to tell:P... Some time ago my friend started listening Prodigy. He's into Experience Era... When I had given him 'Rip Up The Soun System' he took liking this track. He was like: " hey man, this track is kool, particularly this female vocal!" Then I gave him "Android". What is interesting - he said that this vocal was "the same" as in 'rip up the sound system". What is important - his conclusion is very objectiv because he's NOT Prodigy fan! I told him that the name of 'singer' was Simone and I only knew about 2 track she has sang. But he was sure... Is it convinsin enough? Maybe not... but think about it!

wolf eater


I wonder where she is now..
Do ya think she gets royalties??


That would mean she's now a pretty loaded 24 year old.


I wonder where she is now..
Do ya think she gets royalties??

I doubt it. You get royalties only if you got credit for writing the song or at least part of it, not for singing one line.

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