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Started by musicwithedge, October 24, 2001, 08:48:58 PM

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does anybody know if theres anywhere on the net i could find prodigys early song ''molitov bitch'' that juge mentions on this site. i've not been able to find it on winmx or get it from audiogalaxy and i'd rather not download another programme. but if anyone is willing to send me it or knows where it is on the net i'd be very grateful.

cool site by the way, uses the same as the muse unnofficial. schweet deal


It's from 96, not too early, you should get it without problems at
I guess you had a little typo when searching for it, as I could see that you wrote 'Molitov' instead of 'Molotov'.
Or else, buy the Firestarter-single, it's on it.
Good Luck.

Tradition IS a tradition


i thought i read on this site that it appeared on one of prodigys first releases when ''one love'' was called something else. but never mind. thanks for the vital spelling correction


The Prodigy released their first single in 1991 called What Evil Lurks. One Love was released in 1994. It was first released as two whitelabels named Earthbound 1 and Earthbound 2 in that same year. Molotov Bitch is a B-side of the first released single of the album The Fat Of The Land. The name of that single is Firestarter and it was released in 1996.

As you can see, Molotov Bitch is quite recent still compared to their other work. But why download commercially available music? You don't support the artist in any way if you do this. If you like their music, then buy it. You can still order it for a few quid on the XL-Recordings web site or at for instance CDNow.


because i hadn't heard the full song. and now that i have, i've decided i dont really like it. why pay around


I don't like this kind of 'support'. Still I will answer your question as to where you could download Molotov Bitch. Point your browser at and do a search on "Prodigy Molotov Bitch MP3 download" and you should end up with various web sites where you can download this track.


read up a a bit. i managed to get the song from audiogalaxy. what dont you like?

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