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BMW / You'll Be Under My Wheels

Started by Arie, July 26, 2004, 10:37:24 AM

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I have just received a promotional copy of the new BMW 1 Series commercial which features You'll Be Under My Wheels. The promotional video contains four different versions to the commercial. The first three will be aired on television, the last one is the version as it will be shown in cinemas.

You see turtles walking. No, not those Teenage Mutant Ninja ones ;p The music is the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

You see a girl on a tricycle. At one moment you see her kicking against one of the little wheels and it's done on the rhythm of the music - I like that part ;) Again the music is the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

You see a young horse which has troubles to keep on it's feet. Quite adorable to see, but at the same time a bit sad I think. The music on this version of the commercial is also the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

This version combines the images of the three commercials mentioned above. You see the tortoise, the little girl on her tricycle and the foal which has trouble keeping on it's feet. There is a little melody in this version of the commercial which you do not hear on the other three versions. This melody is also not present on the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

It's a shame that this was not included in the album version because I think it sounds great, eventhough you can only hear it for like ten seconds ;) If anyone lives close to Croydon, London, drop me a line and you can come by and have a listen. If you bring an iPod with you or another recording device, we could rip the music so that everyone can hear this version.


There is nothing on the cinema music track which doesn't appear on the full length version of the track as it will appear on the album according to one of my contacts. He claims that the promotional copy which I have obtained is possibly an earlier cut. This would mean that if someone would go to the cinema and see the cinema version, they would perhaps hear the normal track as it will appear on the album and the version which I have will never be aired at all... So, who's going to the cinema soon to confirm the music? ;)


There's a microphone jack on my UK laptop. I've got a VCR in my hotel room. Perhaps I can record it with the microphone, although it would be bad quality it could work. Hmm... :)


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