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please release ALBUM! do you know the day?

Started by my-breath-is-no-more, September 01, 2003, 11:48:19 PM

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i need the "day of release" for: always outnumbered never outgunned!

please!!!!!! or is it still available.....

thx drugz


No release date planned. It's just been delayed and delayed and delayed again... "Normal routine" till now is at least first two singles, then an album, so that means that we have at least one more single to go. Nuclear is said to be the new single (information by Martin James), but of course that can have been changed again. Plenty of rumours going round, don't believe any of them. Keep an eye out for official information on the official or more respected web sites around...


In humo, a belgian magazine, it was stated that the new release date would be early 2004. This was last week, but even humo is losing faith (I lost faith a long time ago, but I still hope that Liam went back in the studio because he knew it was not going the right way with his album) Still anticipating the new dirtchamber sessions as much as I used to. Anyway, in my top 10 amon tobin, dj shadow, cinematic orchestra and plug kicked the prodigy of their number 1 spot.  


prodigys album will be released sping/summer 2004


I'm keeping my fingers crossed... Release dates have been mentioned before and before by official sources (!), but the new album has always been delayed by now. I seriously hope that this time it will really be released...


I think that this release date is the real thing.
- Aim 4.


I'm also hanging for the next album. But don't mind waiting as long as the quality is good. I'd prefer to wait for a good piece of work rather than a rush job due to record company execs pushing it.


16th august !!!!!!!!!! check nekosite NOW asap, and other shit ...
I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting pretty excited.

The Prodigy Guest


on the first page of this site it says 11th August...


Prodigy confirm the album release date for 23rd August 2004 in the UK and rest of the world (USA: 14th September 2004). The double A-sided single GIRLS / MEMPHIS BELLS will be released on 30th August 2004.


23th August is the correct date, have checked on XL

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