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the belgium section on the official site !!!!!

Started by basscadet, December 03, 2003, 09:43:04 PM

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 >:( how pathetic is that ??? Is it the prodigy themselve who say this, or only the talented yet a bit too much biased webmaster. The belgians are boring, not worthy, trigger and other new songs are pieces of genius ?? Damn, man, the tour was cool for the fans, but you can't expect everybody to still remember the prodigy. most of my friends who were prodigy fans, have moved on. (like me to amon tobin, dj shadow and such) Let me make 1 thing clear, I'm not personally offended by this, but it's just like being a sour loser. They can't expect that the some old songs with some new stuff mixed in to it, will have raving reactions everywhere. The people I heard in Oostende (the place which they are talking about on the site) said it was just the same ol' same old. Most people expected a prodigy comeback, not a doors reunion tour.
That said, I'm still hoping the new album and dirtchamber session is going to blow me away


I don't know who wrote that part on the official web site, but it's not written by the band nor by Rockstar, the web designer. But since it's on the web site, the band seemed to have wanted it there.

The recent shows weren't much new. Three new tunes basically and two new fills. Other fills, if there were any, were too short to be marked as a fill. This means that all the other tunes were "old" and I found that a real shame.

I like BGAT as a track, but it's not "the bomb" as Liam Howlett said he would drop. Trigger and Nuclear will be reworked as it seems for the album. An album which was said to be released already back in 2001.

I believe that the band could have better waited with touring till they had finished some more tracks for the new album. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing them live again, but the general opinion is that it was as you wrote "same old, same old".

I hope that the new album will blow us away like the previous ones did. I have high hopes, but all we can do is wait and see...


it's really hard to imagine that Liam was 26 when the Prodigy released FOTL and now Liam is 32 and there is nothing actually new out. i think Liam has lost too much of time, and i don't think he's very proud about these years. i had to lost 2 years and that's already scarring me a lot, even while i know it's not my fault. anyway, i don't blame Liam for his lazyness, Liam doesn't have to make an album, and no matter how much of people want it. but Liam have to realize how much of people just live for music sake. it's just pointless and sad to lose time and don't use own talent for good.
but anyway, don't worry, when talent is working then 2 hours is more than 2 years.
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


They're all so filthy rich they dont do shit anymore   >:(
they don't even shit.  :P

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