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BGAT single on Radio Mafia

Started by Poisoner, May 09, 2002, 10:31:11 PM

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I heard Baby's Got a Temper on finnish Radio station Radio
Mafia today! I must admit I was quite surprised. It had
the Firestarter sample on the beginning. I'm a bit disappointed
whit Liam's mixing. It does sound finished, but the samples
seem to be 'detached', it just sounds like samples are thrown
in here and there. It's hard to explain, hope you'll hear it
soon too.

Wicked tune, but i'm still a little disappointed. But glad that I finally heard something finished from Liam!


poisoner man you have got to get a recording of it, it will surely be aired again soon, Radio 1 in the UK arent even playing it yet!!!(not that ive heard anyway) maybe its something to do with the lyrics, i dont know!?!


pauly b


i've checked the playlist of belgium's 'alternative' radio station and BGAT isn't on it :(
i'll send em a mail to check out whether they have any information about it

let the ant rule your life!



Ive been listening for 3 hrs solid, foook me they play a lot of 80's toons, but I still havnt heard BGAT

but I did get a chance to hear talking heads once in a lifetime, classic.


Just heard it on radio Mafia.

Quit cool track. 14.34 C.E.T ;D


They have made some kind of wird sounds when Keith sings rohypnol. So it is not so easy to hear that he sings rohypnol.


hey after hearing it, its an insult a dry slap in the music

the weakest prodigy single to date.


So did anyone get a recording of it?

If its as cack as you wrecken im going to cancel my reading ticket


I just heard a clip of it and.... it sucks, a big disappointment - it has ruined my day.

There's a portion of it which sounds quite a bit like Maxims' Remix of What U Need by Leeroy.

jamie riddler

i think this track is even better now that i know you lots all hate it. fukit!

it is helter skelter


i think this track is even better now that i know you lots all hate it. fukit!

listen mate, obviously your not a music lover....let me get this staright you like _EVEN BETTER NOW_ because we dont like it????your making no sence......


Okay, now stop making me anxious!
Some said it sounded like wildly around-thrown samples, what samples were that? Didn't Liam say he didn't use his record collection to build songs?
Could anyone describe it a little further please?

Tradition IS a tradition


Just heard some of it, its fantastic, heavy beats, phat base.
Even Keith doesnt sound that bad, you guys really downered the song for me, thankfully i heard it before u completly fucked it up for me.

I love it, beats are sweet, some samples do sound a bit off but listening to it high, that only makes it better in a perverse way :P

I can honestly say i love it,

However, for a comeback single i think Trigger would have been better!!



I heard Juges excerpt and I really wonder what you all are on about? Sure it's not the complete track, but it's good.
I also thought the live-version was cooler, but the studio version has a very good bass-grounding, and sounds very full and rich. It's not typical Prodigy-mixing though. Strange.
Liam said he needed about a month to get the mix right, he maybe got caught in an ongoing uninspiration. Might happen when you mix songs you wrote yourself.
And I couldn't find any wildly used samples, most stuff are just synthies (which sometimes sound a bit unfitting or overloaded, but don't forget that they are mostly used to censor the rohypnol, so in a uncensored version it will be more straight).

Keith is ok, not good, but ok. At least, his voice isn't
distorted or anything, just a simple delay from time to time.

I promise, this track will do wonders when played in a club, the bass is perfect.

And don't judge too much from a radio version, they are mostly altered and also sent through some machines that push the sound forward and 'steal' the dynamics a bit, so it often sounds quite static.

I like it.
Tradition IS a tradition


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