Started by Acid_Twin, July 17, 2002, 12:59:30 PM

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Mike, i dont know how often you see/talk to the guys but could you suggest this to them.

If there are no plans to release some of their live only stuff as B-Sides (Rock n' Rolll, We Do What The Fuck We Want etc.)...... and i know this is a REAL long shot, but it would be nice if they perhaps put it in an "Unrealeased" or something like that section of their website?

Junkie XL has done (UNF to the Hump and Dub and Roll tracks, nice stuff)

I do know its a long shot, but they owe it to us fans!




You could have better sent Martin (not Mike ;p) an e-mail then posting a message for him here on the forum where he might not read it.

Personally I don't think that The Prodigy owe us anything. Why would they owe something to us? They produce music. If you like it, you buy it. If you don't like it, well, then you don't buy it. The music is what they give to us, they don't owe us anything else I think.

Tracks like Rock 'n' Roll are meant for their live shows. Studio recordings of it might not do it right, if you know what I mean. They could put them up as live tracks on some/their web site, but it will never sound like you're really there at the concert. Still it would be nice, you're right. I doubt that it will happen though.

'We Do What The Fuck We Want' is a fan given title to a (for us) untitled track.


Every band owes their fans something in a sense.....

Hmmm, well nice clear recordings from the DATs would be nice? :P

It was just nice to see someone like JunkieXL and quite a few other top bands putting un-released tracks on their site and it not being bullshit but being quality.

Come on, a nice clear version of Rock n' Roll, you know you want it! :P



i think the answer to your question about live stuff is hidden in the book when liam talks about rock'n'roll - its all lifted from ultramags.

not sure that lima would be into giving away tracks that would cost him!
and alot of the live stuff and fills are just ideas in progress, so if you listen closey to earlier fills they have turned up in official songs in some form or another (beats, bassline, keyboard line, sample- whatever). i'll bet arie can give you details on this...

oh, and you can call me mike if you want to!


Sorry martin :P

I'll be getting the book soon, currently reading a few atm.

It would be nice for one or two tho :P


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