Started by ..steady.., July 13, 2002, 11:33:54 PM

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I have just found out prodigy are on mtv at 10pm tonight ;D
Dont know if its a repeat but i thought i would let you know !!!!!

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The info on it goes as follows...........

The story of the electronic punks from the early days right up to july 2002 and the release of a new single babys got a temper.
Exclusive to mtv a one hour show that is everything prodigy.

Now i have The essential prodigy on vidio of mtv a few years ago but i am sure it was only a 30min show.
and this says its a one hour and right up to july 2002.
I am going to record it anyway i just hope enough people see this message !!!!!!

ProdigyPunk since 92


that was fucking wicked did anyone see it ??????
The first half was the old stuff that had been on before and the second half was full of new stuff like their solo stuff you saw keith rideing his bike for red bull , maxim talking about hells kitchen , liam chatting about the dirtchamber album, and leeroy leaveing the band.

it went right through to july and about B.G.A.T,aslo liam talked about new tracks like nuclear saying that he likes it live but can seem to get it right yet in the studio.
And liam talked about no souviners ,hinting yet again that it has "beach boy lyrics".

Maxim also says that there`s no such thing as a "perfect album" so dont expect one.if you call any of your albums the perfect one then you cant write anymore he says .

So did any 1 see it ????????????????
ProdigyPunk since 92


Yeah, they also hinted Trigger would be a next single i believe, followed by No Souveners, maybe vice versa, kinda stoned  :o



damn i missed it, but its repeatred tonight (14th July) at 10pm!! MTV2 UK



whens it on normal mtv again please someone
this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her
sell me your soul and i'll give you power
sell me your soul and darkness will rule


I just check the MTV and MTV2 schedule and the Prodigy special is not being played today. I don't think they will be showing the special in America, but you never know... I'd really like to watch this special so if it's not shown then can somene encode it and post it on here.


It's the heart that your missing.
It's the art that your missing.
- KRS-One


oh yes, it was definitely on, just watched it :)

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