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Samples / Re: that rap track?
« Last post by deedevil on June 15, 2002, 07:51:24 PM »
Ultramagnetic Mc
Samples / that rap track?
« Last post by MAD_4_IT on June 15, 2002, 07:16:17 PM »
iv forgot who liam took the smack my bitch up sample from.
who was that rap band and what was the song i cant tell by reading off the ditchchamber LP.
please can some 1 help me with this? ??? ::)
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by LiamB on June 15, 2002, 05:01:37 PM »

Like none of them above mp3 links work :(

they work
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by Zed on June 11, 2002, 06:09:01 PM »
dunno... i grabbed all the stuff a couple of days ago...
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by Falling on June 11, 2002, 05:43:12 PM »

Like none of them above mp3 links work :(

Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by LiamB on June 11, 2002, 09:54:13 AM »
thanx mindblow_
remember the breakdown noise in breath? the same as in dp (dirtchamber mix)
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by mindblow_ on June 06, 2002, 09:48:42 AM »
oh. my. God. that's awesome, man. some serious train spotting. well done. those Pink Floyd samples were great. please visit my pages - I have some samples there which you didn't list. respect mate.
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
« Last post by LiamB on June 02, 2002, 03:35:10 PM »
If U want to check and make sure that my info R corect I give U links to samples on my site (it is polish site - english version soon):

"Breakdance - Electric Boogie" (85KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/breakdan.mp3

"Different Strokes" (195KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/dstrokes.mp3

"Fight The Power" (70KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Power.mp3

"Paid in Full (The Coldcut Remix)" (69KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Paid_In_Full.mp3

"Money"(55KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/moneypfl.mp3

"Latoya"(53KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Latoya.mp3

"Express Yourself (remix)"(38KB) http//www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Express.mp3

"Nine is a Classic"(177KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/nine.mp3

"Double Deckers" (51KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/miau.mp3

"Frequency" (57KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/fre.mp3

"Peter Piper" (41KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/piper.mp3

"We come to Rock" (121KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/freskaas.mp3

"Speak To Me" (16KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/rytm.mp3

"Break North" (74KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/fullth.mp3

"Slow Ride" (168KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/slowride.mp3

"Whole Lotta Love" (120KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/ledzeppe.mp3

"Buls on Parade" (122KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/bullsonp.mp3

"Flash Gordon" (112KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/gordon2.mp3

"Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin' Ta F'k Wit' "(31KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Aintnoth.mp3

"Shambala" (291KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/shambala.mp3

"The Man with the Golden Gun" (124KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/goldgun.mp3

"Close to the Edit"(162KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Artofnoise.mp3

"Apache"(363KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/apacheor.mp3

"Pass The Mic"(138KB) http://www.theprodigyzone.hg.pl/resources/sample/Passtmik.mp3

"Speak To Me" intro (420KB)
Samples / Pink Floyd
« Last post by LiamB on June 02, 2002, 03:21:27 PM »
I was truely suprized when I managed that Liam used some Pink Floyd samples. I start searching for other Floyd's samples that were used in Prodigy's tracks. Recently I heard PF's album called "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". It was - A BOMB! O *ish, what a wicked album it is. In 7th track "New Machine, Pt. 1" is sample that was used by Liam on many live shows. On neko's site and here - on juge's site U can find some infos that this is a women's voice ( I gues it was unoficial name 4 that jam-track-intro). True is, that this is not women's voice. Liam play Floyd's track very fast. When you play something very fast, the pitch is high and for example man's voice sounds like baby's (or woman's) voice. I think that this sample was a legend - sorry 4 solving the mystery (maybe it's better when somethin is unsolve).
If U want to dl this, I give U link:


Ok, but this is not the end of samples on "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". At the begining of 10th track "Sorrow" is guitar riff that was intro to Jericho on live shows. U can also hear there bass line from "Ruff iN The Jungle"


respect to Prodigy and Pink Floyd
Samples / Re: I've noticed new samples and some questions
« Last post by LiamB on April 24, 2002, 04:21:05 PM »
the same pipers' scratchin is in 'No Good'.
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