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Equipment / Good and cheap synth
October 09, 2002, 12:21:27 PM
In the past when I would want to use a synth to connect it to my computer, I would always borrow them from friends. Now I would like to buy one myself. I don't know much about synths, so I'm hoping that someone here can give me some good advice as to what to buy. I don't want to spend too much money on it, but I would like a good one. So, what synth is good for me... and cheap? Afterall, I am Dutch ;p
Off Topic / Holidays
July 31, 2002, 04:25:40 PM
I'm going on holidays tomorrow evening and I will be back on the 19th of August, just so that you know... in case anyone cares of course ;) So I won't be online that period of time.
Off Topic / Happy birthday Jussi!
January 11, 2002, 09:31:15 AM
A very happy birthday Jussi! So, how does it feel to be another year older? ;) Make it a very nice day and take care!


Off Topic / 4 Hero are back (have they ever been gone?)
January 10, 2002, 09:44:13 AM
I've just heard the new tune by 4 Hero called Les Fleurs. It sounded very nice I think, but I need to listen to it again to make up my mind about it really. They seem to have changed styles quite a bit to say the least, but I must admit that I haven't heard any of their music since... ehm... 1992/1993!
General talking / Uploaded some scans
September 16, 2002, 05:19:24 PM
Some time ago I uploaded some scans of Prodigy items here for you all to see. I will try to upload more scans soonish. Enjoy! :)
General talking / The official Prodigy web site
June 21, 2002, 02:22:13 PM
The official Prodigy web site will be up and running again on the first of July, as said by Maxim. I'm very curious about what it will look like...
General talking / "Prodigy have just split up..."
November 08, 2001, 02:38:11 PM
On the Beggars Banquet web site someone not related to The Prodigy, their management or their label wrote that The Prodigy has been said to split up. That person read the news on a web site of which you can find the link below. Please let me state that this is probably another hoax, a fake, a fraud

I've always said that people shouldn't believe the hype. People listen to gossip way too much. If you read the text it states 'Scandinavian' whereas Prodigy haven't toured there at all. They also talk about gigs planned for the beginning of next year - There hasn't been any gig which is confirmed for next year.

Read the article here:

The news hasn't been confirmed yet, so please stay calm people and don't help in spreading rumours! Please wait untill things get officially confirmed or denied. Believe me, it will most likely end up being a joke, a fake.
General talking / Ringtones
November 01, 2001, 04:26:53 PM
Can anyone help me find a new logo for my Nokia phone? Currently I've got the Experience-era type of logo, but it's lacking the word 'THE'. Does anyone know of a place to get a newer one? Well, this wasn't the subject of course...

I was bored this afternoon and I ended up looking for a new logo (I failed to find one), but I ended up finding several Prodigy ringtones. I had Breathe till now, but I found quite some more today - and all on one web site! :)

Browse to All the way to the bottom are links to this web site in other countries as well like Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Russia and Norway.

The Breathe version I had till now was different than the one I found here. Voodoo People is the best I think, but it's up to you of course... Have fun! :)
Buy & sell / Earthbound 2 for sale!
July 01, 2003, 04:06:34 PM
I've got a spare Earthbound 2 copy for sale. Comes in a white sleeve. On the A-side is the "EARTHBOUND 2" logo, on the B-side is a writing saying something like "One Love Liam Howlet Remix". Serious offers only please!

I also have a spare, opened, Fresh Packed Cuts and several promotional 12 inches (Fire/Jericho, Wind It Up, et cetera) for trade or sale. Again, serious offers only please!
For trade or sale. Make me an offer.


Buy & sell / One Love 3" CDS on Avex Trax
April 23, 2002, 01:32:33 PM
For trade or sale. Make me an offer.


For trade or sale. Make me an offer.


Tracks / 10-track demo tape
January 30, 2005, 11:53:01 AM
Since we can't seem to keep it somewhat underground, here's the tracklisting for the original 10-track demo tape which Liam Howlett sent to XL-Recordings.

1. What Evil Lurks
2. We Gonna Rock
3. Android
4. Everybody In The Place
5. Charly (an unreleased version)
6. Spacehopper
7. Demons
8. Drumscape
9. I Come Correct
10. ? (still unknown at the moment)

Ta ;)
Tracks / Rare Prodigy tracks for download :)
July 03, 2003, 01:42:31 PM
I've uploaded some tracks in MP3 format to my web site at, which you can find at the Updates section. Enjoy! :)
Tracks / Complete official tracklisting
July 11, 2002, 12:01:19 PM
Ladies and gentlemen,

I've been working on a list of all officially released tracks and I've come up with the list which you can see at and then Tracks. For some tracks the time is questionmarks. Those are times I still need to check, but if someone else could check for me that would be appreciated of course ;) I know of one track at the moment which is missing and that's the remix version of We Eat Rhythm. Anyone notice any other tracks which are missing or things which I did wrong?
The Prodigy releases / "More Girls"
August 03, 2004, 10:46:41 AM
The Japanese release of AONO will feature an extra track called "More Girls", which has Maxim's vocals on it. You can listen to a 30 second sample of "More Girls" on the link below.
I have just received a promotional copy of the new BMW 1 Series commercial which features You'll Be Under My Wheels. The promotional video contains four different versions to the commercial. The first three will be aired on television, the last one is the version as it will be shown in cinemas.

You see turtles walking. No, not those Teenage Mutant Ninja ones ;p The music is the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

You see a girl on a tricycle. At one moment you see her kicking against one of the little wheels and it's done on the rhythm of the music - I like that part ;) Again the music is the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

You see a young horse which has troubles to keep on it's feet. Quite adorable to see, but at the same time a bit sad I think. The music on this version of the commercial is also the same as the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

This version combines the images of the three commercials mentioned above. You see the tortoise, the little girl on her tricycle and the foal which has trouble keeping on it's feet. There is a little melody in this version of the commercial which you do not hear on the other three versions. This melody is also not present on the album version of You'll Be Under My Wheels.

It's a shame that this was not included in the album version because I think it sounds great, eventhough you can only hear it for like ten seconds ;) If anyone lives close to Croydon, London, drop me a line and you can come by and have a listen. If you bring an iPod with you or another recording device, we could rip the music so that everyone can hear this version.
As announced in the "Official Online Team Newsletter"
I have read this on several boards including the Beggars one. It is made by a person who claims that what is quoted below is the tracklisting of the new Prodigy album. Below the quote you will find some comments by me.

Liams just finished up sorting out the structure of the album, got the track listing, although this might be played around with a lot and added to as the album is not being released until June.

Track1: Intro
Track2: Two Time your Face
Track3: No Souvenirs
Track4: Push
Track5: New Grounds
Track6: Trigger
Track7: Ultraviolet Dream
Track8: Power Fuckup
Track9: The Black Art
Track10: Fire the Blood
Track11: Gunning the Numbers

Intended Singles:
New Grounds - Easter 2002
No Souvenirs - May/June 2002

I've only heard 5 of the tracks, no souvenirs which is a fantastic calobration with 3d, New Grounds, which is intended to be there main single, and i'd just like to say, this really does woop some ass... reminiscent on poison in someways, that kind of pressure to it. This songs probably going to be released around easter. Trigger i've heard, as im sure many of you have from the concerts they played a few months back, but this is very different from the concert version, brings out more of the piano at the beggining, and just keeps on whacking up and up. If you needed a comparison, Trigger is similar to Climatize, there aren't any lyrics to this song either. For all you lovers of songs like thier law, you'll love "Two time your face" in my opinion it knocks the socks off their law though, and you would never think you could do some of those things with a guitar. I've also heard the main part of The Black Art, this is a really smooth song from what i've heard, well at least on liams scale, so kinda gentle like 3 kilos. So there ya go, theres a bitta info for u, if you dont wanna believe me then don't, but you can just wait and find out in June.
For the moment there hasn't been any official confirmation or denial. Personally I think that this is just another hoax. The reason for this is mostly the titles of the different tracks. I will explain myself below.

01 Intro
The same as on Music For The Jilted Generation. Of course The Prodigy can do another intro on the next album, but I don't find this likely to believe.

02 Two Time your Face
Wasn't there a tune called Disco To Face on the fake Castbreeder album?

03 No Souvenirs
This title has been known for ages, so it would be an obvious title to mention in the tracklisting.

04 Push
Push Upstairs by Underworld. Of course, if you start comparing titles you can always find other artists in any genre who have tunes which have simular titles to Prodigy tracks, still I found this one a bit... Hard to explain... Underworld are often put in the same 'group' as The Prodigy, so the title seemed unlikely to me. Not much for an explanation, no? ;)

05 New Grounds
Possible, possible... Just like all other titles this title could be possible. A new album, many hope for a new 'style' of music => New Grounds sounds again a bit too obvious as a title, it sounds again too fake in my humble opinion.

06 Trigger
Played live, see my comment at No Souvenirs. But why isn't Nuclear on the new album? It might be a live only track... but the title has already been given out. Possible, possible...

07 Ultraviolet Dream
Another possible candidate for a title...

08 Power Fuckup
Very, very bad title. Take the power cut at Lowlands...! Sounds fake again in my humble opinion.

09 The Black Art
Possible again...

10 Fire the Blood
First Fire, then Fuel My Fire... Doesn't sound likely again in humble my opinion.

11 Gunning the Numbers
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned... Gunning The Numbers... Sounds fake again I think. It sounds too much like the working title of the new album if you ask me.

For now I should go back to work. I will post this on other web sites too. Like I always say "Don't believe the hype!", do research before believing rumours! Personally I don't believe this at all, but it's good for a laugh if you ask me ;) But some people really believe all this straight...!
Collectors / Nicest item in your collection
November 13, 2001, 03:54:08 PM
I was wondering what other people think is the nicest item by The Prodigy which they own. It doesn't have to be something expensive or rare, but something which gives you good memories is allowed as well of course (like me).

When I first started collecting Prodigy material I read an article in which they mentioned What Evil Lurks and I thought that I would never be able to find it. When I think back of the moment that I bought my copy it makes me smile still :)
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