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Having a lread ot of the bad reviews and general criticisms of BGAT it seems to me that the biggest problam people have with the single is that it sounds exactly like waht you would expect from the Prodigy. At the same time Oasis are hailed as heroes for their 'back in form' album that sounds exactly like Oasis pretending to be The Beatles with such effect that Lennon, Harrison and even Linda bloody Macartney could be heard filing lawsuits from their graves. Why are the Prodigy expected to sound like no one else, including themselves, with each new release. Why are they expected to 'move forward'. I suspect the fact is that Liam has now perfected the Prodigy sound and, while he's the only musician, or songwriter of any talent in te band, this is how the Prodigy will always sound. Like themselves, and no one else.
The Prodigy releases / Independent, Friday 28th
June 25, 2002, 01:51:02 AM
If you're interested this Friday's Independent willl carry a Prodigy feature by... ME!!

Its not a straight interview, but a 'think piece' about why the single has been censored by the BBC, while their own license ads use a song about heroin use (Perfect day).

I also have a dig at the media's knee jerk reactions, however I do offer my own criticism of the lyrics - which might not go down too well!

I think the feature will be online aswell. I'll let you know.


PS any thoughts on the new Primal Scream single?
The Prodigy releases / the return of DMC
June 12, 2002, 02:29:07 AM
i've already mentioned this to neko but i thought that some of you might also find this kinda funny.
the cover to bgat has been designed by Jimmy Turrell and Richard Turvey. Richard is the art editor at 7 (i used to be managing editor at 7 - which is a UK dance mag, us version called Mixer - in case you've not heard of it). Jimmy is 7's main illustrator. 7 is published by DMC,who were responsible for Mixmag back in the days of the offending prod article. 7 was launched after they sold mixmag to emap. in many ways DMC (the publishers)were more responsible for the offensive angle that mixmag were taking at that time than the editors...
 so... ironic that the DMC team are now designing for prodigy!!!
Collectors / book reviews
August 14, 2002, 03:01:30 AM
Just got my first two book reviews thru...
Saturday Telegraph liked it, Q slated it (surprise surprise!)
if any of you see any reviews would you ket me know?
Collectors / Prodigy book
June 12, 2002, 02:34:30 AM
My book is finally being published in early July. I'm still trying to get discounts for memers of these boards.
oh, and i'm planning on doing a supplement to the book later on to cover the new album etc. this will be inexpensive, and will not carry any old info, just up to dat new stuff....


the cover blurb reads:

"Martin James is one of the most conscientious, outspoken and honest writers working in music today --- and he's not afraid to cry!"  
Annie Nightingale MBE

Drawn from seven years of exclusive interviews and written by long time band friend (and occasional official record company biographer) Martin James, PRODIGY is the ultimate account of the greatest electronic punk band that ever existed.

From the free party anarchy of the Prodigy
Collectors / title for prodigy book???
March 11, 2002, 08:31:53 PM
I urgently need a title for the book (i always hated that voodoo crew one) and hoped some of you could help. can't pay for the suggestion but i'm sure i could dig out something cool, and a free copy of the book ofcourse!  :)
any suggestions? (keeping in mind the fact that the book won't only be read by well informed fans like yourselves.
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