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Samples / Pink Floyd
June 02, 2002, 03:21:27 PM
I was truely suprized when I managed that Liam used some Pink Floyd samples. I start searching for other Floyd's samples that were used in Prodigy's tracks. Recently I heard PF's album called "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". It was - A BOMB! O *ish, what a wicked album it is. In 7th track "New Machine, Pt. 1" is sample that was used by Liam on many live shows. On neko's site and here - on juge's site U can find some infos that this is a women's voice ( I gues it was unoficial name 4 that jam-track-intro). True is, that this is not women's voice. Liam play Floyd's track very fast. When you play something very fast, the pitch is high and for example man's voice sounds like baby's (or woman's) voice. I think that this sample was a legend - sorry 4 solving the mystery (maybe it's better when somethin is unsolve).
If U want to dl this, I give U link:

Ok, but this is not the end of samples on "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". At the begining of 10th track "Sorrow" is guitar riff that was intro to Jericho on live shows. U can also hear there bass line from "Ruff iN The Jungle"

respect to Prodigy and Pink Floyd
Samples / I've noticed new samples and some questions
January 17, 2002, 03:24:34 PM
Music Reach and Fire (burning and edit versions)
Sample: cuted bell sound
Source: intro (bell sound of cash-desk) from Pink Floyd's "Money"... why?
First of all - if You want to check this just trim opening cash-desk sound (the 2nd one - from the loop) to hear only this high bell tone. Then play 'music reach' and hit this tone couple times.  
2nd of all - I know that bell sound is very common (every keyboard has some similars sounds) but.. Liam is big fan of Pink Floyd (besides they rules!)

No Man Army/One Man Army
Sample: guitar riff
Source: Rage Against The Machine "Buls on Parade" (yeah, Tom's guitar)

Masterplan/Jam Track
Sample: guitar riff
Source: also in Beastie Boys' song "Pass The Mic"

one of my frieds (K
Samples / phunky
November 26, 2001, 03:27:10 PM
little thought...
Maybe nobody see (rather hear) this like I do, but from my poin of view every little sample, every song that was source of samples from Prod's tracks is such a kool thing. Whan i hear Ultramagnetic Mc's songs I'm so into it. I'm not afraid to say that all this shit is simple The Prodigy. It's music of Liam Howlett, not just that sounds that he's making in his studio but also inspirtion. Every time i hear RATM or Public Enemy i hear Liam's music, every time i see clip to "Humpty Dance" i think about Keith and Leeroy just dancing in wild style! "Paid in Full (coldcut remix)" remind my that old rave underground at it's best. Dose anybody feel atmosphere kickin' in Dirtchamber Session? It's a  killah! So phuckin' yeah, this is the Prodigy style and no one can take it frome us! keap the core! pace, respect and one love .\ /_
slute (in military way :P)!
..:: LiamB ::..  :P
Samples / smples
October 28, 2001, 08:20:04 PM
i'm talkin' about all all oldskool - hip - punk shit... who knows something about:
"Megabass 1"
"Beats, Breaks and Scratches Volume 8"  by Simon Harris
"Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol. 4"
"Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol. 6"
"Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol. 9"
"Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol. 10"  
"Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol.  14"
... or any other Ultimate Breaks & Beats Volume? ???
The Prodigy releases / Little Goblin
March 10, 2002, 01:50:05 PM
hey, I have this strange feeling that LG titlle was made aftter seen' film 'the folowship of the ring' - little goblish-tolkien's influence:)

...btw, this jam rulez! I dream about studio version!
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