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Suggestions / Death Of The Prodigy Dancers lyrics
May 14, 2004, 05:47:23 AM
I found that some lines of the Death Of The Prodigy Dancers lyrics
seem to be wrong (as I think). I listened the track once more,
and I suppose that the following versions of some lines {in braces}
are more correct than the ones on your site [in square brackets]:

Death Of The Prodigy Dancers
(Vocals by Maxim Reality)

Well this is where I kill the dancer
Watch the MC kill the dancer
Death of the Prodigy dancer
Come on, come on
[Gonna take you with me]          {Go sick, go insane!}
Gonna kill you, gonna rock you
Gonna move you, gonna groove you
Tonight, come on

Let it rock, let it move, let it move you, let it use you
Let it move you, let it move you, let it move you

One for the troubles
Two for the time
Three for the lyrics
Four for the rhyme

Come on now
Let it rock, let it rock
Pump it up, rock it up
Does anyone knows the CORRRRECT tracklist of this bootleg????? I can e-mail an MP3's of some tracks, I'm not sure in names of.
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