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Topics - Ekko

Equipment / Prodigy Producing
November 30, 2001, 10:26:54 PM
Ahh, at least I got it made.
Okay, I just start off talking a bit, everybody's welcome to interfere.

There are some things I noticed that *might* make the typical Prodigy sound. You all know what I'm talking about, and if not, your subconsciousness must have got it then.
There is a typical way of doing the final touch to a track in Prodigyworld, it's hard to define what, but every album has that certain sound. Sure, all the album sounds different to each other, but within that record everyting is tight.

One thing that is very common on the FOTL are the high 3khz levels. There are even people who don't like Prodigy just because of the aggressive medium range frequencies (well, most of them are engineers).
Then again, ususally songs in the electronic-area are cutted
very harshly at about 35-45hz. Everything that reaches deeper near bottom end steals dynamic and headroom, buuuut... Not so with Prodge! Obviously not trying to produce the phattest dancefloor-killers, the low end in Prodge-tracks finishes at sometimes 20hz (Diesel Power, if I remember right), which massively reduces the overall 'energy'. Very strange if you ask me, cause they now need to reduce dynamic to get a higher overall level again. And you all know, if you write music yourself, that music that gets published (by a record company) never ever is 'pure'.
The material is always re-engineered and mastered.
You would shit yourself, if you would hear Prodigy-music unmastered, it would maybe even sound awful.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, that because of the highered overall level and the aggressive medium-range frequencies every track is unique, bassy and very very urrrr...
straight. Small, you know.
Take a good Jazz record for example, if you heard Prodigy all your life long, you'll fall of your chair because of the high dynamic. You will hear stereo-effects you never even thought of.
No kidding, Prodigy is very mainstreamy when it's about producing. It kicks, alright, but it's very boring to hear all day, because of the missing tricks and secrets in the songs.

I'm sure most Prodge-listeners won't mind, but I would like a more 'deeper' record very well.

Anyway, I'll try to go short till here, there are more things which make the sound unique.
As some of you might know, Liam is using this old SE-70, which distortions the signal when the reverb is overloaded.
Well, if you know that gear, you will notice that in fact EVERY distortion is made with this, at least on FOTL and MFTJG.
He must have loads of them.

As it should be done: Every Bassdrum is mono and centered but not every snaredrum is mono (well, centered never as well), you can hear that on Climbatize. Okay, it might be an open hihat-sound from a synth lying over it, I'm not sure, since I got the same hihat here on my Virus.

Well, I must go to work now, maybe I'll write more about it (if there's still someone awake out there...) cause there's more about Liams & Neills trixx.

Equipment / Making Music
October 06, 2001, 01:43:13 PM
Hi there,
I'd really like to have someone up here, talking about the music itself, no release dates, no speculations about further live-shows, just the sound.

I love Juge's site, since he's the only one (-afaic-), having a proper Equipment-section and quite a nice sample-section with constant updates (-till a few weeks ago... Juge? I sent you a mail with sample-excerpts attached and a few new spotted facts regarding the gears. Interested in forwarding to an 'almost complete' Equipment-section? I'd do the work, would be great to see a Prodigy-site with vast musical content, since we have at least... mhm... let me count...none of them.)

So, to make a step into the direction: I'm fascinated by the more uncommon tracks, like Narayan or Climbatize, as they show Liams real musical talent. It's always those tracks, that are less known and played, that are the rockets.
I also think that Smack My Bitch Up is not too clever, musically seen. It surely rocks, but it's not that thing of a musical milestone, as I'd describe Climbatize or Poison.

Well, that's it by now, people with knowledge on the technical site are warmly welcomed. Oh, and all others are surely as well.

SeeYa, Ekko
Well, would you?

A simple question at first, but think about, really think about it!

Think about the consequences and possibilities that would appear.
Think about this question whenever you wait for a bus or sit in a waiting room or just go to bed and can't sleep.

And then tell me what conclusion you have come to.

Off Topic / ~
June 05, 2002, 10:14:10 PM
Heya everyone

I'll use the momentary silence to retreat a while from the forum and from being a full on Prodigy-fan, feels like I've gotten stuck with that a bit.
I just want to get more curious again, banned all the Prodigy-tracks from my playlists, replaced them with 'real' Rock and less electronic but more handmade music.
I'm not going to let my hair grow, wearing leather-clothes and going to Metal-clubs though...
just to Rock-clubs.

Very refreshing

So seeya,
cheers -
Off Topic / Gonzales, anyone?
May 26, 2002, 02:54:30 AM

I was out tonight to see Gonzales and I don't know what to say, really.
Maybe some of you know 'Take me to broadway', nice one, but not very close to what they sound like usually. It's more like the one track to be at least a bit chart-suitable.
Don't know where to start, they had a very cool 70's electro-sound, then sometimes more 90's HipHop-stuff and just everything, dunno.
But the one thing fascinating me so bad was this babe, Feist.
Okay, sorry, babe sounds no good here. It was the most cutest girl I saw for ages. And such a good voice, very trained.
The show was amazing, they were entertaining the crowd all the time, the dude (Chilly) put on more and more clothes over the show. At the end he was sweating like a pig and had like about 6 different pieces of clothes on.
The text and everything was so funny, and this chick went through the crowd (yes, there are still bands out there who do that) and gave me and my buddy the hand, I think I was blushing immediately...
We tried to get autographs later and searched everywhere for them, but their manager said: Nope.
So we tried to infiltrate the building from the basement, fortunately I job at this club from time to time, so I could get a way there, but they didn't let anyone in at the backstage area.

I then met them at a local food-store, lucky me!
And Feist gave me her hand again, ususally I'm not very shy, but I was shaking all over...
Finally got my autograph and talked to Feist wo seemed to be together with Chilly, as she said he might get a bit jealous.

If you wanna check them out, they are on the Kitty Yo label.
I think there are just one or two tracks at Audiogalaxy available, one is a coop with peaches called
Hot Pink Hot Sex, IIRC

Good to get it out...

Off Topic / Holy crap, I just found...
May 18, 2002, 11:22:23 PM
... the probably fanciest T-shirt-ordering-site ever

If you're easily offended, then please check out:

Off Topic / L O T R
December 24, 2001, 10:57:08 PM
I know it's far away from Prodge, but this is an
off topic-area, isn't it?

Okay, I'll start. I saw Lord of the rings, a good movie, it's not that ugly commercial I thought it would turn out to be, but it was a very beautiful movie instead. Well, I must admit that the ending part was sort of mighty commercial (you know, those silly Hollywood-strings that just every mainstream-movie gotta have, at least at the end). However, I like the film and recommend it to you all, but the purpose of my writeup is to make lots of you aware of a certain part from the OST.
As mentioned, it wasn't that stunning, but there were single short parts which really carried loads of emotions within.
If you're interested, I'd say you should d/l the track
"The Council Of Elrond" from The Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack.
Searching: Just the track title should do, I found it under Audiogalaxy immediately.
General talking / People!
June 21, 2007, 02:05:35 PM
I haven't been around since years... My oh my, it still looks the same.
It's pretty sad that this site seems dead, always appealed of all the Prodge-pages the most to me. Most hands on information, Juges perfect recherched lists of pictures, equipment and co.

So where are you peeps?

I am one to ask, I know. I just saw that my latest pn was from 2001, I have been missing since a looooong time...

Looks like Arie is one of the few 'regular' posters here.

Stuff still around? Zed? Evans? All the good people from around 2000?

I guess I lost a bit interest in Prodge since 2002 or so, and AONO certainly didn't help.

If anyone of you old school members is up for a nerdy tech chat, gimme a sign!  ;D

And JuGe... Man, you gotta do something with this page of yours. It always was the best of all the Prodigy-websites, so get yer arse up and spank it up right nice, willya??  ;D ;)

Cheers mates,

Time is ripe for the final dismantling of some of the most admired tracks.

Like Des, I'd love to undress Break and Enter at first.

What do you all love about it? Exactly?
Which part rocks your tiny butts?
What sounds do you like?
What do you think about the arrangement?

This theme is combined with another quite important question:
What Prodigy-beat do you think is THE shite?
I mean, which rhythm symbolizes the morning star being slinged into your face?

Technical questions / Constant NEW signs on old threads
November 26, 2001, 03:54:06 PM
Does anyone beside me have those NEW signs on threads that you already have read?
It's a bit bugging, they always trick me out,
there isn't something new.
Tracks / Narayan + Narayan Edit
January 21, 2002, 05:23:15 PM
What's the deal about all the edits?
I heard a difference at funky shit (shorter) and some other tracks, but Narayan (and some other I guess,) are like totally equeal. Haven't heard over Headphones yet, maybe it's differently engineered or there are some other small changes.
But as far as I can tell now, there's nothing different.
PLease correct me if you've noticed a difference.

Collectors / Castbreeder, track 6
March 17, 2002, 04:16:31 PM

does anyone know who wrote track 6 on the Castbreeder album?

A good track.

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