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Equipment / prodigy inspired Musicians
March 03, 2003, 05:44:46 PM
ok.. i just bought a roland juno 106 for ALOT of money

one of my main reasons was because the PRODIGY use it
and also because so do daft punk, chemical brothers, fatboy slim, crystal method ect.
it seems to be the one synth everyone has!!!!
also i am a biginner and it is a simple one to program so thats why i got it

ANYWAY the question is on juges equipment page under the juno 106 it dosent have listed any songs it is used does anyone know for 100% sure which tracks it is featured in (maby someone who has a juno 106 will know and have reconigesed it in a prodigy song)

also what does liam think of it?? because under comments it dose noot have a quote under it

also if ekko could answer this question i would be thankfull (because you know what your talking about) ;)

Equipment / Buzz machine
March 23, 2003, 08:13:20 AM
i said in a diffrent topic that i dont like making music through software like frutiy loops, rebirth ect. they all look very good and fun but thay are so limited. with fruity you cann use vsti but i have found that even with this feature it is still limited. it cant sound any where near as good as actual hardware. the only synth i got is a roland juno 106 and it beats hands down any software synth i have ever used and it is concidered bigginers equpitment.

but ill let every one in on a little secret i found. BUZZ MACHINES, it is a software music creation program. it is NOT user friendly but the qualty of the songs that you can produce is a very high standard. it help ALOT if you know your way around music like "stuff" or "ekko" and it helps if you have used trakers.

you MUST download the 39 meg version so you get all the cool synths and drum machines.

as with all music programs the demo songs suck execpt for one


that song is included with the 39 meg version of buzz so u must get it. it is the best example of what can be achieved with this program. i would like to hear "stuff''s" or "ekko's" opinion on it :)

also i noticed the fan remix section on this website includes remixes that fans have made of prodigy songs with "trackers". "trackers" suck the sound quality is so poor it is a compleate waste of time. juge sould include buzz program files insted of trackers because the quality is unbeliveably good!!!

any way thats it later ;)
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