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The Prodigy releases / radio 1 interview tonight
July 03, 2002, 04:17:40 PM
yes, thats right, between 8pm and 10pm apparently.

is anyone gonna record it and would be able to send it to me? would be wicked. cause i wont be home probably...

so what does everyone think about the DVD?

I still love the song, even more now listening to it from actual CD, but the whole 'package' that comes with the single is pretty poor. the Dub mix is the most unimaginative thing they have ever released. and the instrumental isn't exactly exciting either. I was really looking forward to that DVD, but the 'a day at work' thing is just about as exciting as the instrumental. 2 minutes of 'making of' from the video with some narrator talking over it and 'explaining' the story. no attempt to make this any kind of special, interesting or at least witty, just boring. its nowhere even near the 'making of' from Poison.

But anyway, it was a great feeling today to walk into a shop and officially go to buy a 'new Prodigy single', I really celebrated that :)

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