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Samples / Re: SAMPLES!
December 31, 2002, 01:17:52 PM
hey, in near future i'll post here some new info about samples i spoted, so pay close atention
ps. make the juge's forum alive!!!
Samples / Re: SAMPLES!
August 26, 2002, 05:44:25 PM
Ok, I also find new sample source.
strange sound in 'march intro' is a sample from Queen's 'Flash'. I belive the siren in this intro is also sample from Flash Gordon soundtrack.

it's realy hard to say that think (about it) is breakbeat in charly... there are some similar sners, but it could be something else
Samples / Re: BGAT samples..
May 17, 2002, 06:14:48 PM
Yeah, very interesting is part at 2:21 besides this march intro snears there's 'sirens' from the end of 'Funky Shit'. Ekko, U mentioned 'nice squeeky distorted vox' - I think these are the samples from 'Firestarter' - whole sample is used at 0:15 (listen carefully) - very wicked sound anyway! My favorite part is when this kool firestarter riff comes in - gated mode efect? (I think thats the right word - I'm not a DJ:P). The song is wicked, but - yeah, the drumm loop - I'm little disappointed... Keith vocal? - just listen BGAT @ 2:00 - madness!
Samples / Re: that rap track?
June 18, 2002, 10:06:01 PM

Wasn't it Critical Beatdown?

It is Critical Beatdown, sorry:P
Samples / Re: that rap track?
June 18, 2002, 09:47:47 AM
Ultramagnetic MC's - Give The Drummer Some (from album "Critical Breakdown")
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
June 15, 2002, 05:01:37 PM

Like none of them above mp3 links work :(

they work
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
June 11, 2002, 09:54:13 AM
thanx mindblow_
remember the breakdown noise in breath? the same as in dp (dirtchamber mix)
Samples / Re: Pink Floyd
June 02, 2002, 03:35:10 PM
If U want to check and make sure that my info R corect I give U links to samples on my site (it is polish site - english version soon):
"Breakdance - Electric Boogie" (85KB)

"Different Strokes" (195KB)

"Fight The Power" (70KB)

"Paid in Full (The Coldcut Remix)" (69KB)



"Express Yourself (remix)"(38KB) http//

"Nine is a Classic"(177KB)

"Double Deckers" (51KB)

"Frequency" (57KB)

"Peter Piper" (41KB)

"We come to Rock" (121KB)

"Speak To Me" (16KB)

"Break North" (74KB)

"Slow Ride" (168KB)

"Whole Lotta Love" (120KB)

"Buls on Parade" (122KB)

"Flash Gordon" (112KB)

"Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin' Ta F'k Wit' "(31KB)

"Shambala" (291KB)

"The Man with the Golden Gun" (124KB)

"Close to the Edit"(162KB)


"Pass The Mic"(138KB)

"Speak To Me" intro (420KB)
Samples / Pink Floyd
June 02, 2002, 03:21:27 PM
I was truely suprized when I managed that Liam used some Pink Floyd samples. I start searching for other Floyd's samples that were used in Prodigy's tracks. Recently I heard PF's album called "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". It was - A BOMB! O *ish, what a wicked album it is. In 7th track "New Machine, Pt. 1" is sample that was used by Liam on many live shows. On neko's site and here - on juge's site U can find some infos that this is a women's voice ( I gues it was unoficial name 4 that jam-track-intro). True is, that this is not women's voice. Liam play Floyd's track very fast. When you play something very fast, the pitch is high and for example man's voice sounds like baby's (or woman's) voice. I think that this sample was a legend - sorry 4 solving the mystery (maybe it's better when somethin is unsolve).
If U want to dl this, I give U link:

Ok, but this is not the end of samples on "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason". At the begining of 10th track "Sorrow" is guitar riff that was intro to Jericho on live shows. U can also hear there bass line from "Ruff iN The Jungle"

respect to Prodigy and Pink Floyd
the same pipers' scratchin is in 'No Good'.
Check this out!
Your Love
Sample: sirens
Taken: from" Megabass 1".(the same sound as in EITP)
Out Of Space
Sample: scratchin'
Taken: from songs Run DMC" Peter Piper"( album:" Raising Hell")
Weather experience
Sample: rhythm of heart
Taken: from Pink Floyd's intro to "Speak To Me"
This track is very similar to some of the Floyd's songs, also U can hear spookie chorus from horror movies:P
Sample: scratchin ( in Sunrise Version)
Taken: from Run DMC's song "Peter Piper"( album:" Raising Hell") (yes, the same as in OOS:)
also U can hear the same high scream as in 'Your Love' (played backwards)

Ruff In The Jungle
Sample: the same efect as in Rip Up The Sound System (I mean this J.Brown's scream "aaauuuu!")

Death Of The Prodigy Dancer
This track contains some of the most common samples like, cosmical efect from "Charly", "now hear this!" sample, "ksh ksh" sample from  Weather experience.(I think it is jam track)

How I figure it out? I playd some of Prod's track in slow tempo.

And some more infos from my champ - El Barto:

:::Serial Thrilla:::
sometimes in background U can hear guitar riff from 'Rat Poison'

noise in the midle of the track is the same as in 'Diesel Power' (dirtchamber
mix)' (at the end)

and some realy interesting informations from

Smack my bitch up
Sample: ???
Taken: from Kool and the Gang "Funky Man" (album: "Live at the Sex Machine")

Method Man "Release Yo Delf" (Prodigy remix)"
Sample: ???
Taken: from Black Mamba "Vicious" (album: "???")
someone heard this traks?

and my mistake
Run Like A Hell/Jam Track (1992)
Sample: scream and rhythm of heart
Taken from: Of course it should be intro to Pink Floyd's "Speak To Me"
...sorry for the mistake, but it is realy good unoficial name for this jam track.

and btw scream from 'break & enter' is very similar to 'smbu's' scream.
Rock'n Roll (info by ElBarto)

Sample: sound of siren
Source: the same sound as in Molotov Bitch

Sample: beats
Source: the same beats as in DCSV1 during 'How High'

You can hear other Rock'n Roll beats in Chemical Brothers 'Prescription Beats'.


LiamB: do you know from where is the sample from scienide,its a girl saying "do it"


I didin't hear the sample (never pay atention to that song) but I'll try to answer You.

Thanx 4 your suport, searchin' 4 sample sources it's kind a hobby. Mostly I just have luck. But I couldn't do it without my friends from Poland: ElBarto and K
Diesel Power (dirtchamber mix)
in the noises @ the end u can hear voice of monks (slow down) from track 'shanbala' by beastie boys

also on the early live shows (1992) you can hear 'run like a hell' (speed up) by pink floyd
I don't think that lulu's 'shout' is source of sample 'make me wonna shout (shit:))' Slow down a bit this vocal and then U notice that this are 2 total difrent vocals... maybe it cames from some cover?
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