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Equipment / Re: korg electribe m
May 17, 2003, 04:03:01 PM
well i got the korg electribe er - 1 drum machine



because with any and bass drum sounds(or any sounds) you can adjust the decay and make cool smack my bitch up or babys got a temper booming bass sounds. the best thing about it is that it hase a delay effect, a very good delay effect, which you just ont see on any other drum machines. and adds a lot of varity and originality in the drum loops you program and on top of every thing its cheap real cheap, so if your thinking of getting one stop thinking and buy it.

i did, and so did liam from the prodigy, the chemical brothers and nine inch nails to name a few
Equipment / Re: korg electribe m
May 05, 2003, 11:24:33 PM
hello me again,
                    well what do you know i got off my ass and did some work and found this artical and the best prodigy site for prodigy news.....

liam said...

" I havent checked the mixer yet, but the ER-1 resembles 70s and 80s analogue drum sounds, which is what i like."


"I've used the ES-1 on stage and I've used the ER-1 on a couple of tracks on the new album. The ER-1 doesnt require much processing or EQing - it sounds f**king great straight out of the box."

so i guess i answerd my own question, anyway thats it im buying a korg er-1, if liam can make it sound good so can i !!

apparently ekko you have this machine....well i think you do,
so if you could give me your opinion on it in terms of how good it sounds, and what prodigy style songs it is capable of creating that would be cool !!!.

Equipment / Re: korg electribe m
May 04, 2003, 02:39:59 PM
hi all,
       ok if stuff or ekko could help me out that would be cool!
well i got a few synths now a juno 106 (very cool!!!) abd a novation bass station( also cool!!) but a have a drums. so i thought id purchase a drum machine number 1 on the list is a AKAI MPC2000 but thay are just way too much money so thats out of the question i was gonna get a roland MC 303 but i heard there quite...well shit. MC 505 are better but still too much cash i know lieam has them so thay can be put to good use but i also noticed to my surprise that he has some KORG ELECTRIBE's.

well there cheap which is good!!! but apperntly thay sound cheap as well i heard some factory demo's and they were not that good at all. thaey look cool, but can they be put to good use. liam has the ER1 wich is the drum machine so what tracks has he used t on?? or maby he just uses it live like he dose with the bass station. basicly im leaning toward gettin a ER1 but would like futher input from ekko or stuff.

also what is liam's most common source of drums ?? besides a real drumkit and the tr 909 or 808.what dose he use for the big booming bass on smack my bitch up and baby's got a temper ?? and what drum machine did liam use most commonly on the fat of the land ??.

also if you people are into cool sounding songs with heaps of synths check out nine inch nails, if any one has any information on the nin equipment please mail me.

NOTE TO JUGE:the title on the korg Electribe EM-1 is wrong it says ""Drawmer DL221 two/dual channel compressor""

it is also wrong on the Electribe ER-1 it says ""korg Prophecy""

Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
March 11, 2003, 05:02:47 PM
yeah, i would like to own a 303, i heard they are a bitch to program....but who cares they sound awsome ive never used one but i have used the software version on re-birth.

but i would rather have the nobs there to turn with my hand rather than a mouse, as far as synths go i only use hardware for serious music, and software synths for fun. but other software is useable for serious music like squenceing software, just not spftware synths they dont feel real enough.

i would like that 303 it looks NEW, i cant believe it has never really been new, who the hell would not want to use this thing!!

but i do have a question, as for 303 sounds i have heard the novation bass station is good at recreating 303 sounds which is good because it is cheap.
what else is good for creating 303 sounds that is not as expencive as a actual 303 because they are too much money for a dude on a budget like me.

also is there a list of what synths liam use's on recorded tracks, and ones he uses on live tracks?
if so i would like to know a few. but only if it is 100% sure

checked out the virus A, looks wicked but costs heaps, and theres no keys, but there is a access virus kb which has keys but it cost even more.

later ;)
Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
March 07, 2003, 07:14:09 AM
QuoteLiam have used his own programmed sounds on it (for sure). And if you bought a 106 now, it's probably loaded with the previous owners sounds (if you don't have filled it with your own sounds will say).

yeah sorry, i ment i got all the factory patch's for my juno 106 in regards to the above quote.

if your intrested i got them from here

a very cool site, a all juno owners or intrested buyers MUST go there and check it out!!.

but the presets are not all that good. but they are a good starting point to making some REALLY cool sounds out of the juno. i love the roland juno 106 i saw the chemical bothers using it live when they came down to australia in 2002.

oh and the nord looks cool and everything but its over $1000 in australia so ill pick one up in a few years maby when the price drops, but i would like to know a bit more about the virus, ill check it out on the web.

any way thats about it
Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
March 06, 2003, 09:44:08 AM
yeah i payed alot
in english pounds about $306 but in australian dollars $799

but still its not a bad deal because the roland juno 106 is a vintage synth and everyone wants one because they sound cool!!! and lots of famous people use them like THE PRODIGY!

so if you have one you will 100% get more money for it than you paid for it, providing that it is in good condition like a 9/10 at least, lucky for me mines in mint condition!! well thats my opinion any way

next on my list is a roland w30 music workstation (ill give you one guess why i want a w30)

also i was thinking about getting a korg phrophcy as my next synth, liam has one but appaently he said thay were shit or something?? but i guess ill try before i buy.

also i downloaded the factory patches so before i use it i reset it to factory settings and worked from there. we all know that liam loves the roland w30 (he's got 5 of them) but i wonder what is his favorite synthif he had to choose 1??

thanks stuff for the good reply ;)
Equipment / prodigy inspired Musicians
March 03, 2003, 05:44:46 PM
ok.. i just bought a roland juno 106 for ALOT of money

one of my main reasons was because the PRODIGY use it
and also because so do daft punk, chemical brothers, fatboy slim, crystal method ect.
it seems to be the one synth everyone has!!!!
also i am a biginner and it is a simple one to program so thats why i got it

ANYWAY the question is on juges equipment page under the juno 106 it dosent have listed any songs it is used does anyone know for 100% sure which tracks it is featured in (maby someone who has a juno 106 will know and have reconigesed it in a prodigy song)

also what does liam think of it?? because under comments it dose noot have a quote under it

also if ekko could answer this question i would be thankfull (because you know what your talking about) ;)

Equipment / Buzz machine
March 23, 2003, 08:13:20 AM
i said in a diffrent topic that i dont like making music through software like frutiy loops, rebirth ect. they all look very good and fun but thay are so limited. with fruity you cann use vsti but i have found that even with this feature it is still limited. it cant sound any where near as good as actual hardware. the only synth i got is a roland juno 106 and it beats hands down any software synth i have ever used and it is concidered bigginers equpitment.

but ill let every one in on a little secret i found. BUZZ MACHINES, it is a software music creation program. it is NOT user friendly but the qualty of the songs that you can produce is a very high standard. it help ALOT if you know your way around music like "stuff" or "ekko" and it helps if you have used trakers.

you MUST download the 39 meg version so you get all the cool synths and drum machines.

as with all music programs the demo songs suck execpt for one


that song is included with the 39 meg version of buzz so u must get it. it is the best example of what can be achieved with this program. i would like to hear "stuff''s" or "ekko's" opinion on it :)

also i noticed the fan remix section on this website includes remixes that fans have made of prodigy songs with "trackers". "trackers" suck the sound quality is so poor it is a compleate waste of time. juge sould include buzz program files insted of trackers because the quality is unbeliveably good!!!

any way thats it later ;)
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