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Equipment / Re: Anyone got a W-30?
October 10, 2002, 10:56:52 PM
Hi. I just got a W-30 and I'm pretty much new to MIDI (I've been recording regular old audio by using my drum machine (dr-202)to make sure I keep time while I play synth parts by hand and with arppegiator). So, anyway, with the W-30 sequencer:

1)would it be best to sync my drum machine (which you can program entire 'songs' into by linking patterns together) to the W-30 or to program the beats in the W-30 sequencer itself, just using the drum sounds from the dr-202, and then copy like an 8 measure section of that beat to use throughout song.
2)for those of you who are good at sequencing with the W-30, how long does it usually take you to just enter the steps of the sequence (whole song) excluding the time you spend on the creative process of songwriting? I mean, it took me like 10min to just enter a simple 8 measure beat.

thanks a lot. I'm sure i'll have more questions later as i explore the W-30 more.
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