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Samples / Re: One Sample from Trigger
April 02, 2002, 11:07:03 AM
didn't they all sample  it from Public Enemy or something?
Off Topic / Re: Chat - IRC or something?
July 07, 2002, 05:53:11 PM


Heeh.. I still remember the times when neko was chatting in that one prodigy billboard and we (theant and the co.) had already been caught in irc.. then we told about the irc stuff to neko.. and t he rest is history.. neko is addicted! :D


*cough* thats of course all lies *cough* ;D
Off Topic / Re: Chat - IRC or something?
July 05, 2002, 02:56:23 AM


Yes, I know about that. I was thinking some sort of an online chat would be nice, wouldnt it?
Off Topic / Re: Create a YaBB forum
August 03, 2002, 07:14:53 PM
General talking / Re: Favorite Prodigy Track ???
May 20, 2002, 07:51:49 PM
their law
'i dont rmember what i've been doing in the last 2 years'

some that come to mind spontanously:

U2 - one
massive attack - unfinished sympathy
new order - 60 miles per hour
faith no more - midlife crisis
GNR - paradise city
nirvana - come as you are
dth - wort zum sonntag
metallica - the unforgiven
cake - i will survive (cover)
the clash - rock the casbah

General talking / Re: Prodigy Wallpaper
July 05, 2002, 02:51:19 AM
*e-mails it to Des*
General talking / Re: Name The New Album
March 12, 2002, 02:51:44 AM

Ok, so, we all agree that the "aono" is a working title. Right?
General talking / Re: Name The New Album
March 12, 2002, 02:49:51 AM

It wasn't officially confirmed so maybe it was just a rumor... anyway many magazines etc used that in their articles..

i have a TV interview from australia in Jan 97 where they are asked about that and they are making fun about that 'Year 2000' title. Keith says something like 'if anyone who is into the band think we are going to call the new album 'year 2000' or 'mindblower' then they dont know us'.

so i guess it was just the press then ...
General talking / Re: Neko's Site - Message Board
February 27, 2002, 01:45:06 AM

Sounds good.

Have any of u ever met Neko?

i have :D
General talking / Re: A question about Maxim
March 17, 2002, 01:28:16 PM

This is confusing me to DEATH! Ok
Maxim is supposed to be English right? St. Petersburg is somewhere in England too right? excluding Russia.

its Peterborough in Cambridgeshire (England), not st. petersburg.
Tracks / Re: Little Goblin
July 07, 2002, 05:51:11 PM
he he

well, it wasn't played in Las vegas April this year

nice to meet you tho, Arie :)
Tracks / Re: Little Goblin
July 05, 2002, 02:41:35 AM

They've played this link at every single concert since 2001.

no, they havent  ;D
Tracks / Re: The Tribute Album
July 05, 2002, 02:47:21 AM
the tribute album is now also out in the UK by Cherry Red records who have sent me a copy for review. i really dont kow how i'm gonna review this, does that mean i will have to listen to it again?

Ekko: the quarashi mix of DP is good, but nothing to do with that 'tribute-letsripoffthefans-album'.
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