2nd March 1991 University of Hertfordshire College, Hatfield, England

Event: University of Hertfordshire College
Location: Hatfield, England
Date: March 2, 1991

From Martin Roach’s “Electronic Punks”:
At fifth gig the band played Hatfield College on a Wednesday night, where the crowd numbered nine in total. Five of these were the security, and the head guard himself was in fact the support act. The flyer for the night was a photocopy of a scribbled beer mat, and the crowd was so small that Keith joined them dancing on the floor, rather than spend all night onstage trying to create a hardcore vibe with four people.

Hatfield College is in Durham which is pretty unlike to play by The Prodigy as it was their 5th gig and the distance from London to Durham is over 270 miles. Probably Martin Roach means Univerity of Hertfordshire College in Hatfield.

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