Rock’n Coke Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Event info: Rock’n Coke Festival
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: Istanbul Park
Date: July 18, 2009

Mainstage timetable:
14:00 Aylin Aslım
15:20 Howling Bells
16:40 Emre Aydın
18:00 Juliette Lewis
19:20 Duman
22:35 Nine Inch Nails
00:35 The Prodigy

Notes by gnobal:
I came back a few hours ago. I believe it was the setlist we all love and cherish. There was some beat I couldn’t recognize but I believe it’s one of those beats you keep mentioning here in the forums.

All in all it was amazing, but I haven’t seen them in 3 months so it’s easy to please me.

I wish Maxim would stop asking the crowd to create mosh pits. I’m sure it looks great from stage, but it’s really annoying for people who don’t want to participate, like me.

On the other hand, asking everyone to get low during SMBU and then jump (which I believe the germans started) is a lot of fun.


1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Breathe (Dubstep)
4. Omen
5. Their Law
6. Poison
7. Warrior’s Dance
8. Firestarter
9. Run With The Wolves
10. Voodoo People
11. Omen (Reprise)
12. Invaders Must Die
13. Diese Power Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Take Me To The Hospital
16. Out Of Space

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