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8th June 1991 Future Sound Of London Concert, Rome, Italy

Event: Future Sound Of London Concert
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: June 8, 1991

This was the first time ever that The Prodigy played  a gig outside UK.

From Martin Roach’s book “Electronic Punks”:
It was the summer of 1991 and they were booked to play in Italy. ‘We were completely wrecked in Rome,’ says Liam. ‘It was actually a good gig, but the audience were fucking strange. Anyway, the promoter hadn’t sorted out our transport, so we were just left to sort it out ourselves. We were sitting in the back of this square with all our equipment and we couldn’t get to the airport. And the worst thing was that everyone was completely done in front the night before. I said then I never wanted to go back to Italy, and I’ve stuck to that.

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