DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, USA

Event info: The Prodigy Concert
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Venue: DNA Lounge
Date: March 15, 1992

Throwback on tour, (The smart ticket tour) by Leeroy Thornhill:
Early 90s and we are playing a small venue in San Francisco, tickets sell out in a matter of hours. We arrive before the show and park around the side of the building, to go in the stage door. Keith opens the van door to get out, before his feet even hit the floor some dude is in front of him”you need tickets man, i got tickets this place is sold out” “Hang on” Keith comes back in “this dudes trying to sell me tickets, ill tell him we want 7” So he hangs back out the van and says “yeah we will take 7” the guys eyes nearly pop out his head he is proper buzzing. “7 you want 7?” Dollar signs are spinning in his eyes, We let him wait for while then all start getting out the van and heading for the side door, the guy starts following us waving tickets “hey your tickets what about your tickets” “oh we don’t want them now” the guy starts getting stressed “why don’t you want them, why you messing” as we get to the stage door i said “maybe you should check out what the band look like when your selling their tickets, then you wouldn’t try and sell them tickets to their own show” “Laters”
He wasn’t buzzing after that

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