14th November 2018 Alexandra Palace, London, England

Event: Alexandra Palace
Event info: The Prodigy Concert – No Tourists Tour
Location: London, England
Venue: Alexandra Palace
Date: November 14, 2018

Support: Loukidan, Friction


1. Breathe
2. Resonate
3. Nasty
4. Omen
5. Champions Of London
6. Voodoo People
7. Run With The Wolves
8. The Day Is My Enemy
9. The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix)
10. Need Some1
11. Everybody In The Place
12. Firestarter
13. Roadblox
14. Light Up The Sky
15. No Good (Start The Dance)
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. We Live Forever
18. Fire
19. Take Me To The Hospital
20. Timebomb Zone
21. Out Of Space Outro

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