Native Instruments KORE

Native Instruments KORE

Native Instruments' Kore is an integrated software and hardware system that acts as a universal 'front end' to other VST/Audio Units instruments and effects installed on your computer. Plug-ins are hosted within the Kore software 'shell', which appears as a plug-in in your sequencer, or runs as a stand-alone host. Kore plug-in instances, or the stand-alone host, are controlled with the hardware unit. In addition to providing a standardised hardware control system, and a means to construct patches from multiple plug-ins, Kore has a powerful patch and preset cataloguing system, creating a centralised database of all the sounds and effects at your disposal. This rather dry description may not blow your skirt up, but believe me it's this last feature that could have a profound impact on your desktop music production, and bring your computer much closer to feeling like a musical instrument.

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