Prodigy 3cds Box Set #3

In 1997 Koch International relased 3 different box sets:

  • Number 1: Includes Poison, Out of space and Wind it up
  • Number 2: Voodoo people, Fire-Jericho and Everybody in the place
  • Number 3: Charly, One love and No good

3rd of 3 Box sets wich include all previously unreleased singles in Poland.

CDS comes in white or cardboard box with black text and Prodigy logo. They also released same boxes with casette singels.

Total times of all singles slightly differ from that printed on back cover of box because track times are counted with 2 seconds pre gaps.

Total time of whole release is 61:59

This rare box set includes the following singles:

Charly (19'53)
01. Charly (Original Mix)
02. Pandemonium
03. Your Love
04. Charly (Alley Cat Remix)

One Love (19'42)
01. One Love (Edit)
02. Rhythm Of Live (Original Mix)
03. Full Throttle (Original Mix)
04. One Love (Jonny L Remix)

No Good (Start the Dance) (29'29)
01. No Good (Start the Dance) Edit
02. No Good (Start the Dance) Bad For You Mix
03. No Good (Start the Dance) CJ Bollands Museum Mix
04. No Good (Start the Dance) Original Mix

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