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Retribution is a track made by the Scottish group "The Time Frequency" (TTF). Liam made a remix of that track which was released on a TTF release called "EP" back in 92. The remix is entitled "Retribution '93 (The Prodigy Meets TTF).

In October 1998, Liam confessed his least favourite track is the remix he had done for The Time Frequency (Retribution). He said that he thought it turned out awful - but did it cos one of TTF was a mate... "Liam has confessed that he did the mix for money, as he was a bit skint at the time! He also adds that now he has admitted to it being the worst Prodigy track, people will now try and track it down.

The Time Frequency - Retribution '93
(1992, CD Zomba Records KGB D 009)
01. 03.42 New Emotion
02. 04:31 Retribution '93 (The Prodigy Meets TTF)
03. 04:42 Higher than Heaven (Remix)
04. 05:45 U41A 

The Time Frequency - Retribution '93
(1992, 12" Zomba Records KGB T 009)
A1. New Emotion (J.D. MIX)
A2. Retribution '93 (The Prodigy Meets TTF)
B1. New Emotion (Original Mix)
B2. Higher than Heaven (Remix)

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