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Baby D - Casanova 2
(1994, 12" Production House Records PNT 065R)
A1. 04:59 Casanova (Prodigy Pump Action Remix) 
A2. ??:?? Casanova (Immortality)*
B1. ??:?? Casanova (Guilt Trip)
B2. ??:?? Casanova (Caught Red Handed)
B3. ??:?? Casanova (Innocent Deceotion)

Part 2 of a 2 part set.

*in this track you can clearly hear the Break and Enter sample

Baby D - Casanova
(1994, Production House Records PNCD065)
01. 04:14 Casanova (Summer Breeze Radio Edit)
02. 03:58 Casanova (Supanpva Radio Edit)
03. 04:59 Casanova (Prodigy Pump Action Remix)
04. 06:30 Casanova (D-vious)
05. 04:29 Casanova (Guilt Trip)
06. 07:01 Casanova (Original Raising Hell Remix)
07. 05:40 Casanova (Summer Breeze)

In standard CD single jewel case with half-width inlay (7cm wide rather than 14cm).

Baby D - Deliverance
(8th February, 1996, Production House Records 828 720-2)

01. I Got to Believe
02. So Pure
03. Destiny
04. Come Into My World
05. Casanova (live)
06. Winds of Love
07. I Need Your Loving
08. Daydreaming
09. Euphoria
10. Nature's Warning
11. Take Me To Heaven
12. Let Me Be Your Fantasy

01. Have It All
02. Daydreaming (Acenhallucination)
03. Casanova (Prodigy Pump Action Remix)
04. So Pure (Rollin' mix)

Casanova was released in a set of 2 CDs or 12”s, the Prodigy
Remix is on the 2:nd CD and 12”. But it can be also found from 2CD edition of Baby D's 1996 album "Deliverance" packaged with a bonus CD of extra tracks and remixes. This mix can be found also from Production House's label compilation "The First Decade - Part One".

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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