01. 01:10 In The Beginning
02. 02:55 Blow Your Mind
03. 05:50 Firestarter
04. 00:57 Benny Blanco (Do You Remember Me?)
05. 03:59 Breathe
06. 03:02 Fuel My Fire
07. ??:?? Diesel Power
08. ??:?? Western Sun
09. 05:00 Funky Shit
10. 03:25 Rock ’n’ Roll
11. 06:15 Smack My Bitch Up
12. ??:?? Salvationed Army

The 'Inflicted' album was a hoax set up by Tobi Wood during the 'countdown' to The Fat Of The Land. Tobi was pissed off with having CD bootleg pirates ripping off his site, so he set about forging an album called Inflicted, which featured mostly real existing tracks, except for 'Salvationed Army', 'In The Beginning' and a fake 'Benny Blanco', composed (very well) by Tobi himself. Even the artwork (a briefcase full of drugs syringes) was fake. More pictures of that same briefcase can be found from the original Prodigy Condensable site.

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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