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Prodigy - Smash Miami Up
(1997, Arts & Entertainement , GEMA A19710612-03E)

01. 06:56 Smack My Bitch Up
02. 05:11 Voodoo People
03. 06:13 Breathe
04. 04:09 Poison
05. 08:58 Funky Shit
06. 06:31 Their Law
07. 07:25 Diesel Power
08. 05:39 Mindfields
09. 04:29 Extasy Of Violence
10. 05:56 Firestarter

Total running time: 61:29
Language: English
Country of origin: ?
Sound quality: ?
Recorded at: Cover says MIAMI 1997 but it's a mistake. This is actually recorded live at Avallon Ballroom, Boston, USA, June 2, 1997.
Comments: Damn cool live although it is censored! Almost all names in the back sleeve are wrong or spelt wrong! The track named "Diesel Power" is actually Narayan Beats with Serial Thrilla and the track named "Ecstasy Of Violence" is a Rock 'n Roll.

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