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Prodigy - Poisoned Acid Dancer
(1998, Kobra Records, KRCD 29)

01. 01:50 Prologue
02. 06:46 Intro/Smack My Bitch Up
03. 05:45 Breathe
04. 05:00 Their Law
05. 05:11 Serial Thrilla
06. 05:39 Firestarter
07. 06:52 Weather Experience (Remix)
08. 05:05 Android
09. 05:01 One Love (Remix)
10. 05:12 No Good (Start The Dance) (Remix)
11. 05:54 Voodoo People (Remix)
12. 11:32 Firestarter (Extended Remix 97)
13. 05:34 Breathe (Remix 97)

Total running time: 75:30
Language: English
Country of origin: ?
Sound quality: A
Recorded at: Tracks 1-6: Glastonbury Festival 1997 Tracks 7-13: Remixes.

Firestarter (Extended Remix 97) is Firestarter and Firestarter (Instrumental) put together.. There are also some clips from Fire & Ruff In The Jungle Bizness in the beginning of the track. Also in the end there is a clip from the Firestarter (Empirion Mix).

Breathe (Remix 97) starts with the same Prologue as the Glastonbury gig. The track is like normal breath with some weird samples propably taken from movie(s). The track ends with a clip taken from the G-force.

Both mixes are definitely unnofficial ones made by fans or something and they are not so professionally done.

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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