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Prodigy - Glastnostbury
(1997, Soundboard / T. Rex Records, TRCD 046)

01. 06:24 Firestarter
02. 05:12 Their Law
03. 04:36 Funky Shit
04. 05:59 Breathe
05. 02:13 Insane (not a Prodigy track.. it's Genaside II track)
06. 04:09 Break & Enter
07. 04:00 Voodoo People
08. 05:28 The Rhythm Of Life
09. 02:27 The Poison
10. 04:32 Out Of Space
11. 05:09 Breathe
12. 04:03 Fuel My Fire
13. 07:03 Diesel Power (actually Gabba)

Recorded at: 1-5 are live at the Red Squere, Moscow on September 27, 1997. 6-10 are live at Sound City, Bristol on April 21, 94. 11. live in Chelmsford, UK in 1997. 12-13 live at Hippodrome D'enghein, france on Oct 12, 1997.
Comments:The sound quality is different in every concert. Those last 2 tracks are pretty poor quality, but the others are really nice! Tracks 6 to 10 are the same as from the bootleg Music for the Voodoo Crew. Insane is not by the Prodigy, it's a track called Mister Maniac by Genaside II (they have done that Jericho remix). Diesel Power is actually Gabba.
Total running time: 61:16
Language: English
Country of origin: Russia/Estonia
Sound quality: A-/A+/A-/C+

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