Prodigy - Dangerous Liasons
(1998, Prod 012458)

01. 01:35 Introduction
02. 04:33 Smack My Bitch Up
03. 05:03 Breathe
04. 04:47 Funky Shit (Their Law)
05. 05:45 Serial Thrilla
06. 05:12 Firestarter
07. 03:52 No Man Army (One Man Army)
08. 08:14 Firestarter (Empiron Remix)
09. 04:29 Molotov Bitch
10. 04:50 Breathe (Chelmsford '97) [MTV Video Awards]
11. 04:12 Mindfields (Headrock Dub)
12. 06:43 Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype remix)

Total running time: 67:03
Language: English
Country of origin: Luxembourg
Sound quality: A
Recorded live at: Tracks 1-6 live at Glastonbury 1997. Track 10. live at Chelmsford '97.
Comments: The whole of the CD runs too fast! Also this bootleg have a lot of songs WARPED. Otherwise the sound quality is good. The booklet says that 5. is Funky Shit, but it's Their Law! The CD has nice art in front booklet and back insert, front sleeve has picture of all band members and on the inside are two pictures one of Keith Flint with all the piercings and one of the Maxim with the golden teeth. Back of the front inlay has a great live picture and track listing, the back insert has another great live picture with more extensive track details.

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