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Prodigy - Crop Killers
(1997, TRCD 038 T. Rex Records)

01. 03:23 Smack My Bitch Up
02. 02:57 Voodoo People
03. 05:16 Breathe
04. 05:33 Poison
05. 07:44 Funky Shit
06. 06:08 Their Law
07. 05:48 Watch, Listen and Learn
08. 05:18 Serial Thrilla
09. 07:07 Mindfields
10. 06:47 Brainstorm
11. 04:40 Firestarter

Total running time: 66:58
Language: English
Country of origin: ?
Sound quality: C+
Recorded at: Enghien the Hippodrome, France 1997
Comments: Nice bootleg.. shame that the sound guality isn't so good. The tracks are also more or less warped in the cd, so the times won't mach perfectly with the tracks :(

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