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Prodgy - The Fat Of The Mix
(1999, Dance Ok! Studio, BRONS-642)

01. 05:16 Breath (Dub Nize Mix)
02. 02:22 Breath (Aphex Twin Mix)
03. 04:52 Climbataize (Trigger Mountain Mix)
04. 07:11 Diezel Power (Snake Breake Mix)
05. 06:48 Firestarter (Colo Cut Remix)
06. 04:53 Firestarter (Roof On The Fire)
07. 04:13 Fuel My Fire (M.B.Cee Remix) 
08. 06:53 Funky Sheet (Sweet Mix)
09. 05:02 Mindfield (Circles Remix)
10. 04:53 Narayan (Goa Tribe Remix)
11. 05:50 Serial Killer (Bloodsport)
12. 06:53 Smack My Bitch (Snack Or Smack Mix)

Total running time: 65:13
Language: English
Country of origin: Dortmund, Germany
Comments: This is a bootleg copy from The Fat Mixes bootleg

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