Spontaneous Human Combustion 2
(1997, AMP 003)

01. Mr. Bartholemew And Moonpie (Beginning)
02. Smack My Bitch Up (Nuge Mix)
03. No Good (Start The Dance) (Bad For You Jetboy Mix)
04. One Man Army
05. Serial Thrilla
06. Jericho (Ganaside II Remix)
07. Fuel My Fire
08. Funky Shit (Extended Intro Mix)
09. Ruff In The Jungle Bizzness (Uplifting Vibes Mix)
10. Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix)
11. Diesel Power
12. Poison (Live At The Tourhout + Werchter Festival 96)
13. Narayan
14. Jonathan And The Krays (The End)

Total running time: ?
Language: English
Country of origin: Germany
Comments: Contains classic prodigy tracks mixed together with pieces from other prodigy tracks. The first and the last track are not Prodigy Tracks!s. Added samples in some tracks. Not very proffesionally done, but still quite entertaining.

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