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Prodigy - Singles Remix
(1998, PRD-WARM)

01. 04:01 Crazy Man
02. 05:30 We Are The Ruffest
03. 04:44 No Man Army
04. 04:51 Molotov Bitch
05. 05:05 Rythm Of Life
06. 04:25 The Trick
07. 05:48 Scienide
08. 06:04 Goa (The heat [The energy] Part 2)
09. 05:31 Rat Poison
10. 04:25 Pandemonium
11. 05:18 G-Force (Energy flow)
12. 05:27 Charly (Beltram Says Mix)
13. 08:55 Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)

CD 2
01. 07:49 Firestarter (Empirion Mix)
02. 06:52 No Good (Start The dance) (Bad For You Mix)
03. 06:25 Out of Space (Milleniun Mix)
04. 07:27 Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix)
05. 04:20 Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Mix)
06. 05:22 Voodoo People (Haiti Island Mix)
07. 06:45 Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix)
08. 03:51 Everybody In The Place (Fairground Edit)
09. 04:34 Minefields (Headrock Dub)
10. 05:45 Jericho (Genaside II Remix)
11. 06:15 Wind It Up (Rewound)
12. 06:18 Poison (Environmental Science Dub Mix)

Total running time: 71:24 &  72:46
Language: English
Country of origin: Russia/Estonia
Comments:Although this compilation states it's an official XL Release, it seems more likely that it is in fact a pirate. Cover says 'Minefields - Abadroza Dub' and of course it should be 'Mindfields - Headrock Dub'!

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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