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Prodigy Present - Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One
(Exclusive Limited Edition)

01. 07:18 Section 1
02. 06:45 Section 2
03. 06:03 Section 3
04. 07:53 Section 4
05. 04:57 Section 5
06. 05:49 Section 6
07. 04:00 Section 7
08. 08:40 Section 8
09. 05:11 Magi & Emanation - Everybody Say Love (Prodigy Mix)
10. 04:33 Front 242 - Religion (Prodigy Down Mix)
11. 03:05 Castbreeder (Single Version)
12. 06:27 Many, Many, Many People (Live At Noorderslag)

Total running time: 70:43
Language: English
Country of origin: Russia
Comments: Russian pressing picture compact disk, just like the original DS + 4 additional tracks, the two former being excellent remixes by Liam, and the latter 2 from the Castbreeder album (Castbreeder Single Version and Many Many Many Many People). The inside sleeve is also different. It seems that the pirates made the CD from ripped 192k/sec MP3s, and the quality is said to be awful. There are the track names and other info (mp3 and IRC stuff). My Prodigy Pages are also mentioned there. Although the URL of my pages is the old Saunalahti one. [click here to view inside sleeve]

Also cassette version available with 5 bonus tracks.

According to spectrum analysis tracks 09 and 10 seem to be extracted from MP3 files (at least they have that high frequency cut-off at 16khz). While the the inside of the front cover mentions "Mp3 Producer Pro v2.1 192kbps" and Ircnet "pirate" mp3 sharing channels, according to spectrum analysis other tracks seem to be taken from original CD, maybe XLCD 128 as written on the back cover. It seems that the "pirates" who released this CD just took the Sections tracklist from Internet and didn't bother to remove the Ircnet comments.

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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