The Prodigy Firestarters

Release date: 1st June 1997
Author: John Keaton
Publisher: UFO Music ltd.

ISBN: 1-873884-85-0
Price: £7.99
Pages: 96

The Prodigy are now one of the most exciting acts in recent British pop. Their 1991 single CHARLY was the most succesful dance record of all time, and their first album THE PRODIGY EXPERIENCE became the leading LP of the hardcore dance scene. It entered the charts at Number 11 and was awarded a gold disc.

In 1996 they were praised for their high powered, if not slightly scary live performances with Keith Flint adding growing vocals to their classic sound. The singles FIRESTARTER and BREATHE both went to Number 1 in the UK charts. This has gained them more exposure than ever before, now rounding up fans from all walks of life and not just the dance scene.

Here is the story, a facinating struggle and an inspiration to all music lovers.


Unauthorized book with some good things like very nice layout. It's CD-size... maybe not so good idea!

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