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The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

Dance veterans still delivering the goods six albums in

Remarkably, The Prodigy are still alive and kicking after all these years, proving themselves to be the symbolic cockroaches of the dance and rock crossover that started back in the mists of 1992 with The Prodigy Experience. In the intervening years they’ve headlined more music festivals than most of us have had hot dinners and made six coruscating albums of ferocious rock ‘n’ rave. Longstanding Prodigy anchor Liam Howlett also has EDM culture in his sights, with the genre targeted on the song ‘Ibiza’. “I’m not a great fan of the place,” he said recently. “But it isn’t an attack on the island, it’s an attack on these mindless fucking jokers that arrive in their Learjets, pull a USB stick out of their pockets, plug it in and wave their hands in the air to a pre-programmed mix.” Aiding in this excellent sonic broadside is Sleaford Mods singer Jason Williamson, who contributes some impressive vocals.
The Prodigy don’t reinvent the wheel on The Day Is My Enemy, although they have altered their sound just enough to remain relevant. Indeed, over the years they’ve displayed a remarkable ability to reboot their style and appeal to successive generations. At this point, many of their fans probably weren’t even born when they first assaulted the charts. Overall, while it may not be a game-changer, The Prodge’s latest effort is still enormous fun.

Key Track - 'Ibiza'

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