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Title: Beware: Advertising galore! [Or: LoFi-record]
Post by: Ekko on August 17, 2002, 01:08:58 AM
Anyone checked the new Lo Fidelity Allstars album?
'Don't be afraid of love'
Shit title but the sound is very cool, nice crunchy basslines
(BassStation power, yeeehaaaw!) and tight beats.
If you live in an area where the wheather is at least half as sick as here, you could manually rise the sun with this record.

The tracks are quite simple sometimes, punchy bass and a vocal hook, but what more do you need?
After all them Big Beat-acts dying away (and Mr. Slim selling out like shite), this album is a nice refreshment again.
Ahh. Mhm, yes. Tastes like honey.

I don't know what to write else, just want to remain with the recommendation to buy it. Okay, or d/l it. Although they'd deserve proper sales units...! Test out 'Tied to the mast' on Kazaa and then buy it. So.