Live tracks
These tracks are recorded from different Prodigy gigs and can't be found anywhere commercially available. If you have some other interesting tracks please send them to so I can put them on my site!

Copyright notes
Copyright recordings, music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Take Me To The Hospital / Cooking Vinyl - for original performances by The Prodigy, check-out the official channel at

If you like the music, please buy an official Prodigy cassette/CD/LP and support the Prodigy, Take Me To The Hospital and XL Recordings.

Live at Brixton 95
The Trick + Break & Enter 7847 downloads
Fire 4531 downloads
G-force 4048 downloads
Breathe 4955 downloads
Poison 4040 downloads
Funky Shit 3870 downloads
Weather Experience 3412 downloads
Their Law 3453 downloads
Live at Glastonbury 97
Prologue 3557 downloads
Intro + Smack My Bitch Up 5434 downloads
Breathe 3712 downloads
Their Law 2894 downloads
Live at Vienna 97
Intro + Smack My Bitch Up 5756 downloads
Voodoo People 4416 downloads
Breathe 3637 downloads
Poison 3581 downloads
Jam + Funky Shit 3336 downloads
Their Law 3100 downloads
Their Law jam 3137 downloads
Serial Thrilla 3358 downloads
Minefields 3268 downloads
Live at Reading 98
Intro 3425 downloads
Rock 'n' Roll 3939 downloads
Their Law 2972 downloads
Funky Shit 2880 downloads
Breathe 3192 downloads
Voodoo People (Chems Remix) 3712 downloads
Firestarter 4336 downloads
Mindfields 2831 downloads
Live at the Torhout & Wercher festival 96
Smack My Bitch Up downloads
Serial Thrilla 2881 downloads
Misc Live
Blow Your Mind 3621 downloads
Keep It On (Live at Civic Hall, Guildford, England, UK '94) 3226 downloads
Lyrical Terrorists 3244 downloads
The 95 Vibe 3127 downloads
Now Hear This 3668 downloads
Prepare For The Rush (Scotland 98) 3194 downloads
Ska Beats (Live at Glastonbury 1995) 3574 downloads
We Do What The Fuck We Want (Live In Athens 1999) 4328 downloads
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