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Title: Rare item for sale
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I have an outfit once owned by Keith Flint, RIP. This was gifted to me by Keith, over 20 years ago along with a signed photo, as I was doing a show at school. I don't have any footage of Keith wearing it but when I received it, he said he's worn it on tours. Any interest please contact me, thanks.
Title: Re: Rare item for sale
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- Today? It’s so strange…,” I suddenly felt sincere concern on the part of Sen and finally trusted her, “Sen, for some reason it seems to me that this cannot be. I don't know why, but I feel it. Are you really my sister? I see we are very similar. But ... I remember something, that it was earlier, yesterday and even earlier, much much earlier. But I don't remember anything at all. I'm sure there was something, but I don't remember. But there was definitely something. I couldn't be born today. The words poured out of me like a river.
She raised her eyes and looking straight at me asked:
Oh oh oh how great! You're great, keep going like this! Cool lick! ( The VIP bed took far from being a VIP body. Fresh sheets cooled the body pleasantly, the mattress purred softly creaking when Lyuda and I floundered in a love battle. Her body turned out to be beautiful. I mean, there was no excess fat, which is rare in people associated with free food. The muscles are not flabby, but the very thing that a woman needs. And even the tummy had something like a press. But her pubis was something special. Massive, protruding like a bulldog's jaw, covered with sparse blond hairs. Massive large labia covered the entrance to the vagina. When they opened in anticipation of the guest, under them were small ones, from the joint of which the clitoris was exposed like a bean.
That's all, Maria Vladimirovna.
A lot, but I like it. I also have many extracurricular activities.
“Are you sure this is the same massage?” he asked incredulously.
He slowly began to enter my vagina, but after three movements, I wanted him to have me in the ass. With her husband, I was already tired of hinting that I wanted in the ass, but he never agreed. And today I can and everything is allowed. He came out of the vagina and attached himself to the hole. The entrance was without difficulty thanks to the lubrication from the gap, and when the head expanded the entrance, the member followed and entered to the end. He started to fuck me exactly where I wanted. I started moving towards the meeting and he fucked me so cool that I was ready to scream with pleasure. I shuddered from every push, moaning with pleasure and indescribable sensations.
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However, I did not go to her for the winter holidays. After moving to Moscow and starting my studies, of course, a completely different life began for me, which dragged on with my head. Yes, and such a trip (even alone, not like with a company) would look suspicious for parents. In addition, they could also “get in touch” with a relative, and then instead of orgies, it would have turned out to be a completely different and boring vacation.
If only he knew what I'm doing now. she thought. She was close to orgasm, but decided to get to this point even more spectacular. She went to the bars, knelt down, spread her legs and began to caress her clitoris. He pressed himself against the bars, his cock going through her and close to her face. It turned her on, but she did not want to take it in her mouth. She felt a hand touch her chest, her nipple, she accelerated. The hand rose to the lips, took the neck and pulled to the cock. She freed herself, shook her head and continued to masturbate. He whispered something in a foreign language, she shrugged. He reached out to her other hand and began to pull her to his cock. She didn't move her hand. He put her hand on his cock, and she began to masturbate him. She teased him, bringing her lips to the head, barely touching and jerking off his cock in this position, if he tried to take her head, she stopped. He seems to have reconciled. He began to stroke her lips with his thumb and penetrate into her mouth, she let him go and began to suck her finger. It was difficult for her to focus so much on her masturbation, so she removed her hand from her pussy, focusing on the man. The pussy was already dripping. She quickened her movements with her hand, you could see how tense he was. He pressed on her lower jaw, she opened her mouth, he took her chin with his hand, fixed it in front of the head.
click to see more. ( I quietly peered into the room. I was sure that mine would now kill this impudent.
This is how quickly he walks, and maybe he flew on the ravene.
Galya chuckled softly.
Laughter bursting Ivan and Vika, they were not up to it. The guys huddled a little more, everyone had a pain in their side from laughter, and everyone did not want to finish the game, but after an hour and a half of such a game, everyone was already tired and it was cold. Slava and Ira, as a team that had more experience in the game, of course, won, they pushed the other team into the water more times, but no one counted how many times and it was all the same to everyone. All laughing and swallowing water climbed out of the water and fell on the towels exhausted. Tired, Slava lay down next to Ira, and Ivan lay down with Vika. Everyone was breathing very heavily, Vika and Ivan looked at each other, laughed, and Slava and Ira lay as if they had taken water in their mouths. They understood what happened and why each other had such a reaction.
“I won’t harass her. Yes, you first listen, there is nothing like that. In general, there is a game that just suits us: we put girls on our shoulders in the water and try to throw each other into the water, it turns out two teams, you and Vika and I and Irka. It will be fun for both them and us, there will be something to occupy our hands, - Slava told his plan, thinking over the details.
He does not let me escape and drags me into the bath. Holding the hair with one hand, the other quickly removes his pants. It seemed to me for a few seconds and that's it, he's naked. I saw his huge standing cock right next to my mouth.