Official releases
Here you can find all official Prodigy releases 1991-2015 [includes UK, US and all imports].

Bootleg releases
There are nowadays very much different Prodigy bootlegs and other pirate stuff around here. I have collected here lots of different compilations and live cd's.

Fake releases
There are some CD's that are sold with Prodigy's name, but they contains some other bands music. Some hoax CD's are also seen in the net.

Freebie releases
See what free cassettes and CD's they have given away with magazines etc.

Special releases
See what special boxes and stuff they (or bootleggers) have released.

Promotional releases
See what promotional items they have released.

Prodigy remixes
Liam has made a lot of fine remixes under the Prodigy name. See them here!

Interview discs
There are also some interview discs also available.

The Prodigy tracks has been in many soundtracks. Here is some of them.

The Prodigy tracks has been in many compilations too...

All Prodigy Tracks
There are also some nice live jam tracks and some unreleased remixes.. see and listen them here.

Any suggestions, mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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