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Title: I an stunned!!!
Post by: gao on September 02, 2011, 10:36:13 AM
 Oh mAN!!! I have never seen Prodigy Live! But The power of Music Generators made my dream come true!!! If anyone has KaZaA player they know what i'm talkign about!!! Right now I'm Dling Prodigy live!!! Firestarter live at Glastonbury '97! Man!!! I'm so crappity smackin happy I got chillz WHEN i saw Liam dancing by the boards and that Guitar oooh!!! Gizz Butt! He's jumping everywhere!! And The live guitar noise is SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN IN STUDIO!!! Oh man! i can't stop being happy! It starts with the normal song Firestarter as you all know they flick some lights then when the music starts into the beats and THE LIGHTS go FLASHING EVERYWHERE!!! Green, Yellow, Blue!!! man!! Everyone in crowd Starts JUMPING!!! (I've never seen them Live but NOW I'm FEELING THE ENERGY!!! I never thought It feels SO crappity smackIN GREAT!!!) Then Liam starts jumping by his boards and synthesizers!! Ohhhh IT"S SO crappity smackING AWESOME!!!!

HAS ANYBODY been in Prodigy concert? I know somebody here did! Well Juge did for sure i read in his Bio. That is soo COOL!!! You guys beeen at Glastonbury ' 97?

And yeah I love the way Keith is dressed!! In his Dirty shorts, English ripped flag shirt and his spiky hair on the sides!!! crappity smack everything! I GOTTA SEE PRODIGY LIVE b4 ITS TOO LATE!!.

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