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Title: New Shit
Post by: kenzie on August 26, 2002, 06:52:01 PM
reading fan reviews like this:
"The Prodigy covered a Madness song "Night Boat To Cairo". It features a live trombone player and it all sounds "ska style". I think the name is live Tonite.... and TWO other brand new songs (not Trigger and Nuclear) one was very techno/rap with maxim on vocals (Keith wasnt on stage at all) and the other was very old school "experience" style... it was excellent of course. They never had the army march intro or any those "fillers" jamp straight into nuclear and finished with the firestarter/fuel my fire." - Mackin (Glasgow, UK)

is making my mouth water
imagine a whole album with electronic style hip hop with keeti rapping.......
Title: Re: New Shit
Post by: Prodge on August 27, 2002, 01:24:51 AM
yeah, Brainkiller has some nice pics too: