3rd March 2010 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia

Event: Hordern Pavilion
Event info: The Prodigy Concert – Invaders Must Die Tour
Location: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
Date: March 3, 2010

Support: Does It Offend You, Yeah?


1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Omen
4. Poison
5. Thunder (Dubstep)
6. Warrior’s Dance
7. Firestarter
8. Action Radar (Link)
9. Run With The Wolves
10. Omen (Reprise)
11. Invaders Must Die
12. Diesel Power Beats
13. Smack My Bitch Up
14. Take Me To The Hospital
15. Out Of Space
16. Their Law

Note: Breathe Dubstep was on the original setlist but it wasn’t played.

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